Give a short introduction to IPM. Distribute the handout IPM in Action and the Worksheet for IPM in Action,  Divide the class into groups of 5-8 each based on category: Agriculture, Right-of-Way, Turf & Ornamental, and Structural Pest Control. Give each group their problem scenario - enough for one copy per trainee. Allow 5 minutes for each person to read the material. Then start to visit each group. Tell them that each group is a "company." Their task is to develop an IPM program for their problem scenario.  Their company will market this IPM program. They may use the worksheet to help them develop their program. They should give their company a name and pick the most distinguished member as the company CEO. When they have chosen their CEO, tell the lucky individual that the first task of a new CEO is to appoint a Director of Marketing and the Director of Marketing will make the presentation to the whole group at the end of the lesson!

      When each group is finished with the exercise, go around the room and let each Director of Marketing sell their company's IPM program.

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