How can you Protect the Environment?
To help the applicator identify application practices that may be hazardous to the environment.
To help the applicator determine methods that will reduce environmental exposure to pesticides.

1.  Members of the audience do a 2 minute warm up activity.
2.  The instructor shows the first half of the Ohio State slide show on Pesticides and the 
     Environment.  The instructor encourages trainees to take notes during the presentation.
3.  Members of the audience do a 2 minute "Think-Pair-Share."
4.  The instructor completes the slide show.

Warm Up Activity:
     Put members of the audience into pairs. Ask them to, "Tell your partner what you do in your job with pesticides." Allow only 2-3 minutes, then begin the lesson. Use a kitchen timer or turn the lights on/off when time is up. This exercise is a critical part of the lesson. The members of the audience need to feel comfortable talking in the classroom and they need to feel comfortable with each other to do this lesson. They need to feel that the classroom is a safe environment. This lesson works well when given at the beginning of a series of PAT modules.

2 minute Think-Pair-Share
Tell members of the audience to work once again with their partners.  They should tell each other how they can reduce environmental exposure to pesticides in the work they do in their job with pesticides.  Tell them to use the notes that they took during the slide show.

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