Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse
User Agreement

On being allowed access to the Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse, you enter into the User Agreement on the terms and conditions set out below.

The Agreement is for an indefinite term.  Either party can terminate for any reason at any time.   If we, the administrators of the PBL Clearinghouse, terminate this Agreement, we will e-mail you at the address you provide on registration.  Termination will be effective at that time, so the assigned User Name and Password, if applicable, will no longer provide access to the Clearinghouse.  You will be responsible for notifying us of any changes to your e-mail address.


All materials in the PBL Clearinghouse are protected by international copyright law.  Unless otherwise stated, copyright or similar rights in all material presented at the Clearinghouse, including graphical images, is owned either by the individual contributors to the Clearinghouse or by the Clearingshoue administrators.  You must leave all copyright notices on the material you use and provide proper attribution, acknowledging the author(s) and source, when using material. 

You are welcome to adapt and revise problems to better suit your own needs; in doing so, the revised problem should preserve the original title and author attribution, and be presented as “Revised for use by (your name) in (your course), (date).”

The resource materials here are provided free of charge for educational use.  You have permission to copy the resource materials for use in your classes only.  No portion of the copyrighted materials, whether in original or in altered form, may be otherwise distributed, transmitted in any form, or included in other documents without express written permission from the copyright holders.

The copyright for materials shall remain with the individual contributors.  However, once materials have been submitted and accepted to the Clearinghouse, they may not be withdrawn, but become part of the permanent archives of the Clearinghouse.

User Registration and Access

The purpose of the PBL Clearinghouse is to provide a central repository of materials (including peer-reviewed problems, teaching notes, and discussion opportunities) for instructors interested in using problem-based learning in their courses.  Given the nature of these materials, access to the Clearinghouse is restricted to qualified course instructors and is specifically prohibited to students.  By registering to use the Clearinghouse, you agree to preserve its confidential nature.   You may not download or otherwise distribute materials from the Clearinghouse to other instructors who are not registered users; please direct them to the Clearinghouse registration page.

Each registration is for a single user only.  To access the Clearinghouse, you may be asked to enter your individual User Name and password.  Therefore, we do not permit any of the following:

  • Any other person sharing that User Name and Password
  • Any part of the Clearinghouse being cached in proxy servers and accessed by individuals who have not registered as users of the Clearinghouse
  • Access through a User Name and Password being made available to multiple users on a network.

We reserve the right to confirm the identity of anyone attempting to register as a user, and to log and review activities on the Clearinghouse.  If we reasonably believe that activities that compromise the confidentiality of the Clearinghouse are occurring or have occurred, we reserve the right to cancel access rights without notice, and to block access to all users from that IP address.

We reserve the right to add to or change the terms of this Agreement.  Any changes will be posted on this page and it is your responsibility as a user to refer to the terms on accessing the Clearinghouse.  Changes will be effective twenty-four hours after first posting to the Clearinghouse and you will be deemed to have accepted any change if you continue to access the Clearinghouse after that time.

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