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Business Development

Developing Technology-Based Businesses

Through the Technology Transfer Center and Small Business and Technology Development Center, OEIP will provide business development guidance to technology-based businesses within and beyond the UD community, ranging from advice on patents to SBIR contracts, services and funding.

As is the case with intellectual property development, OEIP will assign a project manager to work with the emerging business, assisting from idea creation to business planning and implementation.

As new business ideas evolve from various research programs and innovative collaborations like technology-based startups and licensing agreements, this work adds to the development of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within and beyond the UD community.

Engineering the perfect cell

Imagine being able to create an ideal organism for producing biofuels and chemicals from renewable resources. UD's Terry Papoutsakis is at the forefront of this uncharted research field.

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Developing Community-Based Businesses

To help those outside of the UD community, OEIP works in partnership with the Delaware Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). The SBTDC runs programs and offers guidance to Delaware-based small businesses, particularly those in the community focusing on service, retail and construction.

Whether it is learning how to write a winning grant proposal or utilizing the SBIR Gateway to get government funding, the SBTDC has offices across the state to help small business owners succeed.

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photo of UD alumnus and chef Dana Herbert

Sweet Success

Before he became TLC's "Next Great Baker," UD alumnus Dana Herbert worked with the Small Business and Technology Development Center to get his business, Desserts by Dana, off the ground.

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