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All Web pages that are hosted on the University of Delaware domain space ( are requested to use one of the OCM Web banners and footers at the top of the page and bottom of the page (respectively). These banners are continuing to be offered in formats which provide the most flexibility of use with an eye towards providing a balance between the visibility of the school/unit and the UD brand.

The core of the UD Web Identity Standards is a flexible template system. The headers and footers are offered in standalone versions, in server-dependent versions and through Dreamweaver templates. Thorough documentation of the header and footer system can be found on If you are a developer, be sure to sign up for the RSS feed providing up-to-date revisions and improvements to the templates.

The full-range of UD Branding elements, inclusing the header and footer, can be reviewed in the Style Guide (available 08/31/2010)

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