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Content recommendations

All college, department, and unit pages on the UD Web are expected to meet the following criteria.

All Web pages that are hosted on an University of Delaware domain space ( are requested to use one of the OCM Web banners at the top of the page, and a UD footer at the bottom of the page. This identifies your unit and your site as part of UD. You also are encouraged to include "University of Delaware" as part of the title of your page.

Page titles are crucial to your site. The title will be the text for any bookmarks the user makes on your pages. Choose something that will help the reader remember what the page is. In addition, many search engines use the title as a factor in determining how to list the page. As OCM continues to learn from industry professionals, we will pass on best practices.

Contact information
Include a contact e-mail link to your visitors can ask questions or make comments to your unit. It is also valuable to have an e-mail link to your webmaster so users can report problems with the site. Be sure you keep these links current.

Include a statement on your home page and secondary pages that the site is: Copyright [year] University of Delaware.

Be aware of UD's copyright policies and general information about copyrights.

Links to the UD home page and to your unit home page are important. These will give visitors the opportunity to find out more about your department and the university. The UD banners provide a built-in link to the UD home page.

If your site consists of multiple pages and invites users to move around and explore, consider using the same links in the navigation area on each page. The common set of navigation elements that appear on every page within a site is called global (or persistent) navigation.

Be sure there is a link to every page you create, and that each page links to one or more other pages so readers can get to the next appropriate site.

Search field
Include a search box on every page. With UD's Google Search appliance (, you can allow your readers to limit their search to your site or to search the entire UD Web.

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