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Web site development

Starting your project:
The key to a successful Web project is understanding it. Know the goals you want to achieve. By answering the questions below, you clarify the purpose and logistics of your project. That clear vision keeps the Web Communication team on track as the project takes shape.

Who do you want to reach?
Prospective students? Current students? Graduate or undergraduate? Alumni? Donors? Internal audiences? All of these? Portions of your site should be tailored specifically for individual audiences.

What is your message?
Are you trying to recruit? Educate, publicize, bring in fans and audiences, generate goodwill about UD or raise funds? How does your message tie in with the university's strategic messages? Before you begin, clearly define your message.

What image do you want to portray?
Scholarly? Serious? Fun? Does this support the overall brand image of UD?

Are you trying to update and improve an existing publication or Web site or develop a new one?
Either way, think about the organization of your content. Consider the navigation scheme and architecture of the site. The best sites make it easy for users to find the information they want and need without visiting unnecessary pages.

What is the longevity of the site?
Are you prepared to maintain your site and keep it updated?

Do you have the photographs you need or do you want our help in acquiring them? Compelling photos are an important element in telling your story.

What is your deadline?
Start preparations far enough in advance that you can allow us sufficient time to develop your site.

Who is the primary contact person or project manager?

Who are the key stakeholders?

Who will need to sign off on the project?

Content audit

Once you've answered these questions, start gathering your information.

Look at your current page and decide what should we keep and what is no longer necessary. Is there additional content that should be added?

If you are updating existing content, be sure the text is accurate, up-to-date and an appropriate length for scanability.

Look at other Web sites you like. Bring examples to our first team meeting and tell us what aspects you think are effective or interesting.

The text should be as accurate and complete as possible when you bring it to us. Minor changes after we start working are usually not a problem, but substantial changes can delay completion of the project.


We work closely with other units on campus to help ensure that your Web site meets your communication needs. Whether you need assistance with a podcast , interactive media, or in building a response form, OCM works with Media Services and IT to provide a comprehensive range of service.

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