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Senior Art Director and Trademark Licensing Manager
University of Delaware
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Office of Communications & Marketing
The Academy Building
105 East Main Street
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 • USA
Phone: (302) 831-2791
Finding the Right Words

After the initial meeting, it will be your job to prepare the text. We can accommodate text created in most word processing formats, although Microsoft Word files are preferred. If there is any doubt about the type of electronic file you will provide, please contact our office. Please note that we are not able to access Microsoft Publisher files.
When preparing your files, please keep in mind:

  • Do not format your text other than to break it into paragraphs. There is no need to boldface, italicize, or underline text.
  • Do not place your text into columns or to use symbols and characters unique to your word processing software.
  • If your text consists of more than one article, save each article as a separate file. To facilitate production of your project, please submit a hard copy of your text along with your file. Any special formatting needs may be indicated on the printout.

A member of our editorial staff will edit your text for consistency, accuracy, and completeness, and will check for verb agreement, punctuation, and spelling. Note: All publications for use in the recruitment of students must contain an affirmative action statement.

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