Keith Heckert
Senior Art Director and Trademark Licensing Manager
University of Delaware
Office of Communications & Marketing
105 E. Main Street
Newark, DE 19716
phone: 302-831-2791
fax: 302-831-4639

Office of Communications & Marketing
The Academy Building
105 East Main Street
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 • USA
Phone: (302) 831-2791
Getting Your Job to Press

When you review your layout, you will be asked to read the text carefully and to approve the design and any text changes. Remember, modifications to your publication at later stages of production are expensive and can delay completion of your job. Please review all materials promptly and carefully at each step of the production process before giving the final approval to print. You are responsible for the accuracy of your material.

Working Within Your Budget
When your layout is approved, we selectively solicit competitive print bids to keep your costs as low as possible.

Doing Your Part for the Environment
Our office is committed to raising awareness and modeling best practices of sustainability to help our clients select environmentally friendly options for the products we produce. We will recommend papers and materials that are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) when available and encourage their use. We will be your active partner in implementing strategies to minimize waste and play a leadership role in furthering sustainability goals at the University.

Printing Your Job
After the bid process is completed and we have your approval, your job will be sent to the printer. When the printer has made final preparations for printing, the printer will send us a digital proof of the publication for review. This is your last opportunity to make changes to the publication. Be aware, however, that changes requested at this stage can be costly and can delay delivery of your job and should be avoided. Once a digital proof has been approved, your publication will be printed.

Reaching Your Audience
We can assist you in navigating the various resources on campus for distributing your printed materials, including producing mailing labels and understanding your postage options.

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