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To order a photo shoot, please call (302) 831-8931. Please have ready the following information:

  1. Date and start time photographer is needed and an approximate finish time.
  2. Location where event will take place, including building name and room number on campus and directions to the site if off-campus, noting any special instructions.
  3. Name and phone number of contact person at the photo shoot.
  4. Name, phone number and e-mail address of person to contact in advance for detailed information.
  5. Type of end-product needed: black and white print, color print, color slide or digital image. If digital, indicate format desired (.tif, .jpg, .gif, DPI, size in inches and Mac or PC compatibility.)
  6. Specifics of shot, including detailed information of what will take place, the location for the photograph, how many individuals will be in the photo, if multiple photographs will be required, etc.

Keep in mind:

  • Standard sizes for black and white prints are 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14.
  • Standard sizes for color prints (depending on the size of the negative) are: 3-1/2x5, 4x5, 5x7,8x10 and 11x14.
  • Negatives are kept on file for five years before they are stored in University Archives. Any reprint order using negatives in Archives requires three additional working days.
  • The normal turnaround for work is approximately one week, depending on the size of job and time of the year.
  • Our standard photography rate is $75.00 per hour for all photographers. If, due to special circumstances, a higher rate must be charged, you will be given an estimate for approval.
  • If minors are in the photograph, you must make arrangements in advance to have release forms signed.

Click here to order a photo shoot online.

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