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Keith Heckert
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University of Delaware
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Office of Communications & Marketing
The Academy Building
105 East Main Street
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 • USA
Phone: (302) 831-2791
Policies and Procedures

A. University of Delaware departments and recognized student organizations may use University of Delaware trademarks for business purposes such as letterhead, business cards, publications and Web sites. The logos and lettering must be used uniformly according to University of Delaware's brand style guide as listed on page 32 of the campus directory or available in pdf format by clicking here. Questions or use approvals can be directed to the Office of Communications & Marketing at (302) 831-2791.

B. A license must be obtained for the use of any University of Delaware trademark, image, photograph, or logo in or on a commercial product, including premium and promotional items.

C. All departments of the University, recognized organizations, and alumni clubs are required to purchase licensed merchandise from licensed vendors.

D. While items consumed internally by the University, its departments, recognized campus organizations, and alumni clubs are not required to pay royalties on items bearing University of Delaware trademarks produced for them and not for resale, they must secure approval, in writing, from the Office of Communications & Marketing. Designs must be submitted and approved prior to manufacturing.

E. Trademarks and logos are to be accurately reproduced and must appear in the exact form as registered, including the appropriate trademark designation and may not be altered without the express consent of the Office of Communications & Marketing.

F. The names and marks of the University of Delaware shall not be used in the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, "recreational" drug products, gambling products, religious programs or unauthorized promotion of goods or services.

G. Unlicensed and unauthorized merchandise bearing University of Delaware trademarks will cause, or is likely to cause consumer confusion as well as dilution of University of Delaware's trademarks. Unauthorized and unlicensed use of University of Delaware's trademarks may subject the user to disciplinary action, and enforcement through available legal remedies, including seizure of the merchandise.

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