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Julie K. Waterhouse

Associate Professor
School of Nursing
337 McDowell Hall


  • Ph.D., University of Delaware, Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation
  • M.S., University of Delaware, Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • B.S.N., University of Delaware, Nursing

Research Interests

  • Factors predicting NCLEX success
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing

Recent Scholarship

  • 2000-2004: 'Instrument Development for Assessing NCLEX Preparation,' with Pamela Beeman. Received CAP grant of $4,678 for this study. Developed the "NCLEX Preparation Survey" and tested it on 2001 Accelerated graduates. One article published.
  • 1998-2001 : 'Improving prediction of NCLEX Success in University of Delaware Nursing Students ,' with Pamela Beeman. In-depth study on NCLEX prediction for 1995 through 1999 graduates. Developed a discriminate analysis function that correctly predicts NCLEX-RN results in 93% of students. Two articles published.


  • Beeman, P.B. & Waterhouse, J.K. (2003). Post-graduation factors predicting NCLEX-RN success: Results of a pilot study. Nurse Educator, 28(6), 257-260.
  • Waterhouse, J.K . & Beeman, P.B. (2003) Predicting NCLEX-RN success: Can it be simplified? Nursing Education Perspectives, 24(1), 35-39.
  • Waterhouse, J.K. (2003) Clinical oncology. In J.L. Kee, B. Paulanka, & L. Purnell (Eds). Handbook of Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Imbalances. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Learning.

Poster Presentation

  • “Telephone Interventions by Nursing Students: Improving Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients,” with Erlinda Wheeler, Eastern Nursing Research Society 17th Annual Scientific Sessions, New York City, 2005.