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Welcome to the University of Delaware School of Nursing. We offer a variety of rigorous programs to meet the educational needs of traditional, second degree (accelerated), RN-to-BSN, and advanced practice nursing students. We are proud to offer the first PhD in Nursing Science program in the state! Our faculty are role models in the profession, with many playing leadership roles in local and national committees and organizations and being formally recognized as excellent educators. Their research affects individuals living with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes cancer and care-giving. Studies also focus on health promotion efforts such as smoking cessation, prevention of teen pregnancy, and disaster preparedness. Our experts in gerontology are investigating cognitive functioning, , intergenerational influences, and aging in place.

We stay abreast of healthcare trends to ensure that our students are prepared to function effectively in a changing healthcare environment. Clinical knowledge and psychomotor skills are essential, but we also emphasize interprofessional competencies such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, and patient-centered care while promoting patient safety and cultural competence. Our high-fidelity simulation lab and Healthcare Theatre program have allowed us to create more realistic learning experiences for our students to work with students in theatre, physical therapy, medicine, and disaster management. Cultural competence is also a key component of our many Study Abroad programs and service trips, most recently to South Africa, Australia, Jamaica and the Bahamas, during which students are involved in and challenged to understand health, nursing practice, and healthcare in another country while enjoying the excitement of travel with their peers and faculty.

Our students are actively engaged and often lead service activities through registered student organizations such as the Student Nurses Organization, Multicultural Student Nurses Organization, Christian Nursing Student Organization, Lori’s Hands, and CALM, an acronym for “Caring about Living More.” We are proud to have faculty and students leading a state-wide program of pre-conception peer counselors. Community and pediatric clinical courses also prompt a number of service activities so that the School of Nursing is always giving back to the community. Another way that we give back is through our Nurse Managed Health Center. The NMHC offers the opportunity for an interdisciplinary, team approach to occupational healthcare, “walk-in” episodic care, and research subject screening and monitoring while contributing to our academic mission. The School of Nursing is always on the move. We seek re-accreditation of our nursing programs this year (http://www.udel.edu/nursing/accreditation.html) and are preparing to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2016. As of July 2015, Senior Associate Dean for Nursing and Healthcare Innovation and Professor and Katherine L. Esterly Chair of Health Sciences, Dr. Emily Hauenstein, will be leading the School as we continue to make a difference in nursing education and healthcare. We welcome you to join us!

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