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  1. All events in the University of Delaware’s Fall speaker series, National Agenda, are free and open to the public. All programs take place at Mitchell Hall on the University’s Newark campus. Most begin at 7:30pm.

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  1. Most National Agenda events are available for viewing online.

National Agenda 2014 focuses on the battle for control of congress midway through the Obama second term, with some of the biggest and most experienced names in American politics. We span the transition from an earlier era of political strategy to the age when social media can make or break a candidate.

For the first time this year, we supplement our journey with “Fade to Black: Dark Political Humor in American Film,” a series of influential political films on alternate Wednesdays, introduced by Prof. Lindsay Hoffman. The series is open to the public; no tickets are required.

Mitchell Hall, S. College Ave., Newark, DE    |    Free and open to the public


SEP 10


Weds, Sep 10 - 7:30pm - Making Fun of Politics:
The Colbert Report

Frank Lesser was an Emmy Award winning writer for Comedy
Central’s “The Colbert Report,” known for lampooning American politics and for creating a satirical - but real - political action committee during the 2012 campaign. Stephen Colbert has characterized Lesser as his muse, and the two collaborated to create some of television’s funniest and most biting political satire. Lesser is a graduate of Brown University, and the author of “Sad Monsters.”

Weds, Sep 17 - 7:30pm - POLITICAL FILM SERIES: “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Weds, Oct 1 - 7:30pm - Boy On the Bus

CNN political reporter Peter Hamby has covered some of the
highest profile political stories of the Obama era, including the 2008 and 2012 presidential races, the impact of the tea party, and the Republican resurgence of 2010. He has traveled with the campaigns of Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Sarah Palin. Hamby earned a B.A. in English from Georgetown and a master's in journalism from NYU. He also studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Weds, Oct 8 - 7:30pm - POLITICAL FILM SERIES:
“Dr. Strangelove”

Weds, Oct 15 - 6:00pm - Delaware Debates

Delaware First Media and the University of Delaware host the premier debates among candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate from Delaware. Free tickets are required for this event. See for details.


Weds, Oct 22 - 7:30pm - POLITICAL FILM SERIES:
“Wag the Dog”

Weds, Oct 29 - 7:30pm - The Digital Campaign

Teddy Goff was the Digital Director for President Obama’s 2012
campaign, managing a 250-person nationwide team responsible for social media, email, web, online advertising, online organizing, design, and video. Under Goff’s leadership, the campaign raised more than $690 million over the Internet and registered more than a million voters online. TIME described his work as "redefining the limits of viral politics." He is a graduate of Yale University.

Weds, Nov 5 - 7:30pm - POLITICAL FILM SERIES:
“Do the Right Thing”

Weds, Nov 12 - 7:30pm - Meaning of the Midterm Elections

Former White House Spokesman Mike McCurry is a Washington-based
political strategist and Distinguished Professor of Public Theology at the Wesley Theological Seminary. Over nearly four decades, McCurry has served in the White House as press secretary to President Bill Clinton, as spokesman for the U.S. Department of State, and director of communications for the Democratic National Committee. McCurry earned his B.A. from Princeton University, and M.A. degrees from Georgetown University and Wesley Theological Seminary.

Weds, Nov 19 - 7:30pm - Post-Election Analysis

David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt return to their alma mater for
incisive analysis of the election and their political outlook. Plouffe is a former White House adviser to President Obama, and helped lead his successful presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Schmidt is an international political strategist who was John McCain’s presidential campaign manager in 2008.

Weds, Dec 3 - 7:30pm - POLITICAL FILM SERIES:
“Thank You for Smoking”


Moderated by Ralph Begleiter, Director, Center for Political Communication

Film series moderated by Lindsay Hoffman, Department of Communication

National Agenda and the Delaware Debates are supported in part by
The William P. Frank Foundation of Delaware.

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