Student Campaign Ads

“Empty Words” by Monica Celli and Brenda Palomo

“Empty Box” by Lauren Cutajar-Wynne and Raymond Taraila

“Cain for America” by Anthony DeFiore and Yusaf Hussain

“Huntsman 2012” by Kevin Donahue and Katherine Kleinot

“American Ideals” by Lisa Briegel and Danielle Estill

“Do You Have a Heart?” by Becky Garcia and Kate Neff

“Imagine That” by Jordan Katz and Daniel Rosenzweig

“Cheese and Cheezy” by Kariann Flynn and Donald Roberts

Students in Global Agenda 2012 were assigned to create a television ad for a candidate of their choice among the Republican primary field in Fall, 2012, using techniques they had explored in both historic and contemporary political advertising. They were required to create their own concept, but were permitted to use images and other elements created by others.