Christian Kniescheck

Museum Studies Alumni

Christian is an Austrian citizen and came to the USA in 1998 with an MA in history and philosophy and working experience in tourism. In 2000 he acquired an MBA Concentration in Museum Studies and the Certificate of Museum Studies at the University of Delaware. During his stay in the US, Christian worked with the Delaware Art Museum as the assistant at the Institutional Advancement Department and with the Hagley Museum and Library as an intern, organizing summer camps.

In 2000 he returned to Austria. After a short period at the Austrian Science Week, Christian entered the "for-profit world". In 2001 he started working as a consultant with SHS Unternehmensberatung, one of the major Austrian organizational consulting companies. Currently he is senior project manager and has been working with many major Austrian companies.

But Christian is definitely not "lost" for museum studies. Once in a while, he is taken into consideration for the position of managing director in a history or art history museum. In 2005, he contributed to the museum master plan of the Austrian environmentalist party. He also started writing reviews on exhibitions, museums and books focusing on cultural management . Sooner or later, he might return to the field of cultural studies and museum management.

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