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College of Health & Nursing Sciences
Medical Technology

Dept of Medical Technology
305 Willard Hall
Education Building
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-3720
Ph: (302) 831-2849



Undergraduate Curricula

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

The University of Delaware offers a major in Medical Technology that culminates in the awarding of a Bachelor of Science degree. Students majoring in Medical Technology also qualify for a minor in Biological Sciences provided that they meet the stated criteria.

The major admits 30 students in each of the junior and senior classes; thereby maintaining a low student to instructor ratio in all the Medical Technology courses. The first two years provide preprofessional courses in the basic sciences and liberal arts. The third and fourth years are an integration of professional and clinical courses. The laboratory components of the medical technology courses conducted on campus are outstanding. The three dedicated teaching laboratories are well-equipped with sophisticated clinical instruments. Students receive clinical experience in the fall of junior year and during the last 20 weeks of their senior year at three or more of our clinical laboratory affiliates.

Premedical Option
Students adopting the Premedical Option of the Medical Technology curriculum will graduate with a B.S. in Medical Technology and will have fulfilled all requirements for application to quality medical schools. It is assumed that students opting for the combined curriculum have demonstrated above-average academic aptitude and recognize the rigors necessary to successfully complete the curriculum.

Students will follow the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology with the following changes. Calculus I (MATH 221) is taken to satisfy the math requirement for the major, and an additional semester of Calculus II (MATH 222) is required for medical school entrance. Two semesters of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 321 and CHEM 322) must be taken instead of Elementary Organic Chemistry (CHEM 213/215) and Elementary Biochemistry (CHEM 214/216). Two semesters of Introductory Physics (PHYS 201 and 202) are also required. For those medical schools that require a second English course, Approaches to Literature (ENGL 280) is recommended following completion of 45 credit hours (fullfills a group A breadth requirement and a second writing course required for graduation).

For updated course requirements for medical schools and information on the University of Delaware Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee visit the UD Preprofessional Programs home page.

Honors and Undergraduate Research
Well-qualified students may elect to pursue an Honors Degree and have opportunities for undergraduate research with Medical Technology Faculty.

Medical technology students are eligible to apply for the same scholarships and loans available to all students in the University. In addition, the Department of Medical Technology offers scholarship assistance to qualified students.
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