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College of Health & Nursing Sciences
Medical Technology

Dept of Medical Technology
305 Willard Hall
Education Building
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-3720
Ph: (302) 831-2849


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Teaching Laboratories

Chemistry lab Chemistry: state of the art instrumentation is used to analyze many biochemical constituents such as glucose, cholesterol, enzymes and drugs in body fluids
Hematology lab Hematology: whole blood is used for examining, counting, and identifying red and white blood cells and platelets
	(blood bank)lab Immunohematology (blood bank): units of blood or components are typed and crossmatched for transfusion 
Microbiology lab Microbiology: disease-causing microorganisms are identified and their susceptibility to antibiotics determined 
Molecular Diagnostics: detection of nucleic acids in clinical specimens is used for the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of disease
Urinalysis lab Urinalysis and Body Fluids: urine and body fluids (other than blood) are analyzed chemically and examined for cellular structures and crystal formations
Phlebotomy lab Phlebotomy: blood is collected by venipuncture or by fingerstick for use by the laboratory departments to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of diseases