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Medical Technology

Dept of Medical Technology
305 Willard Hall
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University of Delaware
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Admission to the Medical Technology Major


Students enter the University as a freshman or a transfer student, with a declared Interest in Medical Technology (MTI) for the purpose of advisement. Any student interested in Medical Technology should talk with the Department Chairperson as early as possible, before or after admission to the University.

Consideration for admission to the Medical Technology (MT) major at the end of the sophomore year is based on the following criteria:

  1. Minimal grade point index of 2.00 for the first 4 semesters;
  2. Minimal grade point index of 2.00 for specific prerequisite courses in biology and chemistry; and
  3. Completion of at least 60 credit hours, including the prerequisite science courses.
Within the pool of eligible students, admission to the major courses will be determined by academic achievement. In the past, all sophomores with a grade point index (GPI) of 2.5 or better have been successful in gaining admission to the major.

Procedure for Admission

In June, each sophomore Medical Technology Interest (MTI) student is reviewed by the Chairperson of the Department and the Undergraduate Program Committee for admission eligibility to the Medical Technology (MT) major. The previously stated standards are applied to each student. The student's transcript is reviewed for overall grade point index for four semesters, for grade point index in the specific prerequisite courses in biology and chemistry, and for completion of at least 60 credit hours towards fulfilling requirements for the degree.

A student who has achieved a GPI of less than 2.00 overall and/or for the prerequisite science courses will be determined ineligible for admission to the MT major. Students who meet the minimal standards will be ranked according to their overall GPI. The Medical Technology Program accepts 30 students annually to continue into the junior year of the Medical Technology major. Although the expectation is that a student will have completed 60 credit hours by the end of sophomore year, the Program understands that occasionally a student may fall short by several credits in the liberal arts courses. When this occurs, the student is notified and given an extension for course completion with the recommendation that the liberal arts requirements be completed by the end of Winter session of the junior year. In the event more than one student places as #30 based on the overall GPI, the science GPI and the completion of 60 credits will be used to re-rank the students to determine who receives position #30.

To assure that all standards are met and that students have been assessed equitably, the Chairperson of the Department (Program Director) reviews the eligibility of all students with the Department's Undergraduate Program Committee. This is in accordance to the Bylaws of the Department.

Students who are not accepted into the MT major may be reviewed again the following year in June if they so desire. Students are counseled about alternative majors (e.g., biological sciences) and are referred to the University Studies Program, 148-150 S. College Avenue, for additional assistance.

All students receive written notification of their acceptance/rejection status approximately the third week of June. Students accepted into the MT major also receive two copies of the "Student Policy Statement". One copy is for the student to retain; the second copy is to be signed and returned for the student's Department file. The "Student Policy Statement" is available online at


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