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About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is the most admired and most studied President in American history. During the forty-nine months of his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln guided the United States through its most profound crisis. When he entered the Presidency of the United States was a nation broken in two over the issue of human slavery. By the time of his assassination, the Union had been saved and slavery was no more.

Lincoln's prodigious strength of leadership astonished his contemporaries and has inspired those of subsequent generations as they reflect on his life and acoomplishments. His major speeches, most particularly the Gettysburg Address, stand with the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution as the central documents of American history. Lincoln speaks across time to tell Americans what they aspire to be as a nation and what ideals they hold to be more dear than life itself.

Perhaps the most difficult concept to understand about Abraham Lincoln is his humanity. We know of his humble beginnings, his relentless ambition for political office, his brooding moodiness, his talent for telling humorous stories, and his marriage to a tempestuous woman. All these factors make him seem human, like one of us. Yet we cannot shake the feeling that Abraham Lincoln was a most uncommon man of majestic proportions whose vision for his country and strength of character in realizing that vision reunited the United States and gave the nation "a new birth of liberty."