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Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century
April 16-17, 2009
Graduate Student Reception and Professional Development Event

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
6:00-9:00 p.m.

Open to all graduate students who are attending the conference. The event is jointly sponsored by the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Delaware.

Dispatches from the First Year: A Conversation with Jonathan Malesic

Although completing a Ph.D. at a research university is the only way to qualify for a job on the academic tenure track, this graduate training often does not prepare you for many aspects of the job. You will most likely teach students very different from the ones you taught in graduate school. You will advise majors, and they will have questions that never occurred to you when you were an undergraduate. You will be expected to serve on many committees and to solve problems seemingly outside your area of competence. You will talk with your colleagues about strategic plans, accreditation, and resource allocation. You may go weeks without giving a single thought to your research. You may love it anyway.

Jonathan Malesic will address the expectations placed on new college and university faculty, hint toward what surprises may be in store for current academic job-seekers, and discuss what graduate students can do now to prepare themselves for a successful and rewarding life as future faculty members.

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