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Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century
April 16-17, 2009
Proposal Submission

Thank you for your proposal submissions. Proposal notification will be sent out in February 2009.

The 2009 Lilly Conferences will highlight how to design, facilitate, and assess learning environments that support and enrich student learning in the 21st century: Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century. The conference aims to highlight sound pedagogical practice that is grounded in research on learning and teaching and emphasizes practice-based work.

Conference participants represent a range of academic disciplines and institutions. Appropriate session topics address aspects of learning and teaching that apply across instructional contexts and disciplines: For example, student engagement, academic integrity, writing, collaborative learning, assessment of student work, online and hybrid instruction, peer teaching, service learning, reflective practice, inclusive teaching, and documentation of teaching as scholarly work.

Presentation Formats

We invite proposals for the following interactive presentation formats:

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 75-minute sessions
  • 45-minute roundtable discussions
  • Exemplary practice poster presentations

It is possible that the committee may ask 75-minute proposal presenters to convert their sessions to a 60-minute session, or a poster as program needs suggest. Due to the number of proposals anticipated and the time and space limitations of the conference, it is probable that each presenter will be limited to one session on the conference program. You may submit only two proposals, and you may be lead presenter for only one of these proposals. Posters and roundtable discussions are included in this two-session limit.

Graduate students are invited to submit proposals. The deadline for proposal submission is December 15, 2008. Confirmation of accepted proposals will be sent by the end of January 2009.

Writing a Strong Proposal: Guidelines for Interactive, Applied Sessions

Conference participants expect to be actively involved in the sessions they attend. They value exchange of teaching ideas with colleagues and opportunities to apply the session content to their disciplinary contexts. The sessions are intended to model learner-centered teaching methods that we are committed to using in our classes.

  • Describe your instructional topic clearly and provide a framework for your work, e.g., research basis, goals, implementation, findings, and assessment: Session Description (100 words maximum)
  • Provide concrete learning outcomes for participants and describe the session activities and plan for interaction. Please model learner-centered practices: Session Goals and Activities (for poster session please focus on how the content will be presented)
  • Include citations of literature and research relevant to session topic using APA format (150 words maximum).
  • Please follow the submission instructions carefully! We are unable to accept proposals for peer review that provide insufficient information to evaluate the quality of the proposal; lack of information prevents reviewers from making informed decisions.

Sample Proposal Submissions

Proposal Evaluation Criteria: all proposals undergo blind peer review

  • Clarity and coherence of the session title, goals, activities, and description (100-word description to be printed in program schedule). For example, does a proposed session on group-based learning include group activities? Is the proposal contextualized within relevant research on learning and teaching?
  • Contribution to new or innovative practices for learning and teaching or research in higher education.
  • Integration of literature and research pertinent to proposal topic.
  • Evidence that the session will be conducted in an interactive format with participants engaged in activities other than purely listening (poster session exempt).

Conference Participation

Because Lilly Conferences are learning communities where each member of the community, both presenter and participant, is a valued contributor, proposal submission represents a commitment to present the session if the proposal is accepted, and to participate in the entire conference. Presenters commit to arranging for alternate session presentation in case of unanticipated schedule conflict.

All presenters, including co-presenters, need to register for the conference. If you have any questions about proposal submission, please contact Gabriele Bauer at gabriele@udel.edu or 302/831-2914.

Submit Your Proposal

The deadline for submitting a proposal is December 15, 2008. Confirmation of accepted proposals will be sent out by the end of January 2009.

Lilly East Proposal Submission

If you have any questions about your proposal entry, or about the submission process, please contact Gabriele Bauer at gabriele@udel.edu or 302/831-2914.

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