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Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century
April 16-17, 2009
Preconference Session
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 1:30-4:30 p.m. open to registered conference participants only. Registration is limited to 50 participants.

Become a Learner-Centered Teacher Today!

Phyllis Blumberg, author of Developing Learner-Centered Teaching: A Practical Guide for Faculty (Wiley & Sons, 2009), foreword by Maryellen Weimer

How can I help my students get the most out of my course? How can I support them? Challenge them? Is my course learner-centered? How can I make efficient yet effective instructional adjustment? Weimer’s (2002) book Learner-Centered Teaching describes five instructional dimensions that instructors often need to adjustto become truly learner-centered. This pre-conference session builds on Maryellen Weimer’s work (2002) by using a comprehensive, concrete, and practice-based system that faculty can use to incrementally implement learner-centered teaching in their courses. We will apply this approach to our own teaching and begin to outline purposive instructional changes. We will determine the learner-centered status of our courses using reflection questions and self-assessment rubrics, and each participant will select a few instructional components to change. Also, we will address tactical considerations required to implement these changes. Each of us will leave the session with individualized plans that we can readily use to make our courses more learner-centered.

Fee: $ 95.00 (includes session fee, a copy of Developing Learner-Centered Teaching: A Practical Guide for Faculty, and light refreshments)

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