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Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century
April 16-17, 2009
Best Poster Award

Click on the above image to view the full-size poster

The Best Poster Award went to Marsha Huber, Associate Professor of Accounting at Otterbein College, for her classroom research on the effects of to-do checklists on the procrastination levels of students. The poster distinguished itself based on high quality of presentation and content (plus transferability across disciplines)

Some observations in response to the question: "What specific aspects of this poster did you find most informative?"

  • Problem and implications were communicated in a relevant manner. Classroom-research project reflects the SoTL philosophy.
  • The assessment process and data collected are transferable to any discipline.
  • Clear organization, well-structured, demonstrates presenter’s concern for student learning.

The Best Poster Award consists of receiving a Fighting Blue Hen sculpture and a certificate for 50% reduction of next year’s conference registration for a colleague who has never participated in the Lilly-East Conference before.

Fighting Blue Hen Sculpture

Delaware’s association with the Blue Hen dates back more than 200 years to the Revolutionary War. At that time, a regiment of Kent County soldiers gained such a reputation for ferocity in battle that they were compared to the gamecocks the men kept for sporting amusement behind the lines. This particular breed was distinguished by its striking blue plumage and aggressive behavior. As UD’s athletic mascot, the name dates back to 1911, and in 1939 the Blue Hen was officially adopted as Delaware’s state bird.

The copper statue has been created by artists Dawn Mickel and John Gardini, and has been handcrafted in their studio in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Each piece is signed and numbered.

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