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Spring 2014 Schedule

Feb. 2014
Depts. to specify instructors in UDSIS. Contact Suzanne Stanley, Registrar, x6592 or sstanley@udel.edu, with any questions.

Fri., Mar. 7, 2014
Last day to identify course sections.

Fri., Mar. 21, 2014
Last day to add instructors.

Tue., May 13, 2014
Last day for admins or faculty to add questions to evaluation.

Wed., May 14 through Tue., May 20, 2014 (11:59 p.m.)
Students may complete evaluations by going to

Beginning Wed., May 14, 2014
Faculty and admins may view participation totals.

Mon., May 19, 2014
Last day classes

Tue., May 20, 2014
Reading day

Wed., May 21, 2014
First day of exams

Thurs., May 29, 2014
Last day of exams

Mon., June 16, 2014
Student responses available.

Procedures for using online course evaluations

System Availability for Students

  • Many CE students and alumni have PINs. If you have PCS students or alumni who need PINs, tell them to call 831-2132 or preferably, go to Student Services Building to set one. This is something that needs to be done over the phone or in person so we can be sure we are giving the student, and only that student, his/her PIN. This will open up a world of access and online service to them. (more information)
  • Tell your students to go to http://www.udel.edu/course-evals to complete their evaluations between the availability dates provided to you, which are about 7 days before the first exam and through midnight of Reading Day. See deadlines on the left side of this page.

System Definition
This Course Evaluation system is based on these premises.
  • Student access is available to those students officially enrolled (including audit enrollment status) in participating course sections.
  • Term-driven (Winter Spring Summer Fall).
  • Evaluations may have one or two sections for instructor and/or course questions.
  • Questions are presented in this order for instructor then course type questions: UD - college - department - group (Honors, Distance Learning, Evening Credit, Special Programs) - My Questions
  • Instructors and administrators may add or change questions until the day before student access begins. Student access begins one week before the first exam and continues through midnight of Reading Day.
  • An unlimited number of questions may be defined on a evaluation although a reasonable number may garner more student responses.
  • Response scales are provided. See available response scales.

  • During the window that students may complete evaluations, there can be no changes to the evaluation questions or instructors assigned to that course.
  • Student responses are anonymous.
  • Student responses are available 15 days after the last exam at the Faculty Course Evaluation web site. If 3 or more students responded, then faculty may see all student responses for that course section. If less than 3 students responded, then faculty may get the student responses from their Chair or see them online one term later.
  • If a course is defined as a Honors, Distance Learning, or Special Programs course section, then "group" questions may be added to the evaluation. "Group" admins may see all questions and student responses for courses within their group. Faculty and dept/college course owners may also see group questions and student responses to those questions.

  • The department owning the course may ask specific department-level questions. For example, the course evaluation questions for a HIST course may include History department-specific questions.
  • Colleges may add college-level questions for course sections, including cross-listed courses, for which they are the primary owner.
  • Evaluations may include University-level questions.
  • Only approved department Chairs and college Deans / faculty / secretaries defined in the course evaluation system have access to the evaluation results.
  • Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) is defined in UDSIS as a department and may add questions to course sections for which they are the primary owner. The department co-owning the course may also ask department-level questions for PCS-owned course sections. Instructors may add questions to their course sections, if they wish.
  • The Chair/Dean has access to evaluation results for all courses owned by their respective department/college even if one of the faculty members teaching or co-teaching is from another department/college. The faculty, Chair and Dean from the other department/college will have online access to the evaluation results for their faculty member but may not add department/college level questions to courses for which they are not the primary owner.
  • For cross-listed courses, only the primary course college/department owner may add department/college level questions and see all results. The second department may not add questions but may see results for all faculty members involved with the cross-list course section. For example, if FREC827 (col=Ag) was cross-listed with ECON827 (col=B&E) and ECON was the primary owner of this cross-list, then B&E and ECON may add questions and see results and FREC may not add department/college questions but may add instructor level questions. Faculty may see their own results and Chair/Deans may see results for all faculty members involved in the cross-list.