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Online course Evaluations for Faculty

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

To log in to course evaluations, go to:

See Policy 4-109 – Alteration of Electronic Processes.

Questions about online course evaluations may be sent using this feedback form.

Once you log on

Once you log on to course evaluations, you will see two tabs: Set up and Reports. The Set up tab is where you will check everything before students log on and the Reports tab is where you will go to see student responses for current or past terms.

Evaluations for Courses I Teach

On the Set up tab, the first section is titled Evaluations for Courses I Teach for [term} The set up and checking you will do for your courses may be done from this section.

  1. Each course you teach that is using online evaluations should be listed. If not, contact your Chair's Office. For each course that is listed are the following two options.
  2. View question summary is used to review a concise listing of questions appearing on the evaluation for that course.
  3. See student view is used to view the evaluation as a student will see it. You may see the questions, their response format, and the ordering of questions.

View question summary

The View question summary option, in addition to concisely listed the questions appearing on any evaluation, also enables you to Create a question, Assign a question, or remove questions you have added to the evaluation. See the explanations below. These options are also available from the Set up tab, Questions Banks section, My Questions option.

Create and assign a new question

If you need to create new questions, follow the instructions in this section.

  1. Go to the Set up tab – Evaluations for Courses I Teach section – click View question summary link or Questions Banks section – click My Questions..
  2. At the top right, click the Create a Question link.
  3. Complete the items to create your question and its response format. Click Next Step.
  4. On the Assign Question to Evaluation – Step 2 of 2 page, further indicate which courses should include this question.
  5. Click Submit to add the question to the evaluation.
  6. Double check the assignment by reviewing Current Assignment(s) section in the middle of the page to be sure it looks correct to you.

If you need to check the entire list of questions or if you want to reorder questions you have assigned, do the following:

  1. from the Set Up tab – Evaluations for Courses I Teach section, go to View questions to be used link and review the course sections containing the questions you just assigned.
  2. If questions do not appear, perhaps the assignment as described in this section was not done correctly. To troubleshoot, you may look at the Question ID (QID) of the question you just assigned.
  3. Use the Question ID (QID) option to see where the question is assigned and, if needed, locate the question in the Question Bank.
  4. under Action choose Assign to evaluation.

Assign a question to an evaluation

  1. Questions that exist may be assigned to evaluations by locating the Question Bank on the Set Up tab. Then, locate the Question and from the Action column choose Assign to evaluation and complete the steps.
  2. On the Assign Question to Evaluation - Step 2 of 2 page in the middle section titled Current Assignment(s), check that the assignment looks correct.
  3. If you have additional assignments for this question, specify them in the bottom section titled Assign this question, and click Submit once to add them.
  4. The Return to Question Bank button may be used to go back to the Question Bank to assign more questions. After assigning all questions, return to the Menu by choosing Menu from the top right of the page.
  5. Go to the View questions to be used link and review the course sections containing the questions you just assigned. If questions do not appear, perhaps the assignment as described in this section was not done correctly.

Retire/Activate a question

You have the option to "retire" questions that you no longer wish to use or questions that have been updated. If you edit a question to make changes, a new question and QID is created. Be sure to retire former questions that you no longer wish to use and assign the new questions that you do wish to use. Two reasons for retiring questions are that the question is no longer valid or you have changed the language and a newer question has been created that should be used instead.

All active questions are listed first and are sorted in numerical order. Retired questions are listed in numerical order at the end of the question bank. To activate a retired question, scroll to the bottom of your question bank, find the question you want to reactivate and choose Assign to evaluation in the Action column.

View Student Participation Tallies

Once students have begun to log on to complete their course evaluations, participation tally numbers - not student responses - are available. Use the Report Tab and then Search for Student Responses or Participation section. Set the term and click Submit form to see participation totals and percentages by course sections.

A list of the courses that qualify for your search appears. Participation tallies are shown in the Participation column. You may sort the report by Participation % by clicking the Ascend or Descend. buttons under that column title. Click on the course number to go to the Evaluation Results page to see a list of student names that completed the evaluation. Student names are not displayed if participation is less than 3 students. Student names are listed by name and UD ID and are not associated with that student's responses. Student names – not responses – will be available after evaluations close to students for the term. See schedules. Student responses are available about 15 days after the last UD scheduled final exam.

View Student Responses

There are a number of reports that provide for student responses. To perform a search:

  1. Choose the Report tab.
  2. Choose the term(s) you wish to view.
  3. Choose other criteria – or, when in doubt, just choose term.
  4. Choose the Report type you need. If you are not sure, try them until you choose the one that is the format or contains the data you need.
  5. Click Submit form
  6. Report data is downloadable from most reports by choosing Save as from the top, left of the page.