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Online Course Evaluations for Faculty

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

This page provides instructions for using the online course evaluations system. To use this system, you need to be defined as an instructor in our Student Information and Human Resources systems.

To log in to course evaluations, go to:

Once you log in, you should see the Course Evaluations screen titled Main Menu for Instructors. This documentation follows the order of the main menu.

See Policy 4-109 - Alteration of Electronic Processes.

Questions about online course evaluations may be sent using this feedback form.

Good practice: Suggestions for item Development & Analysis

See the Center for Teaching Effectiveness Good Practice: Suggestions for Item Development and Analysis (PDF format) as a guide for constructing your course evaluation questions and responses. This document provides guidance to faculty as you develop your items and analyze the quantitative and qualitative data.

View evaluations for courses I teach

Courses participating in online course evaluations for which you are specified as an instructor are listed. Clicking on the course ID shows the student view of the course evaluation -- including ALL questions assigned --- for that course section. Be sure to check the instructors appearing on the course evaluation and let your college or department contact know if corrections are needed.

Question banks

There are five types of question banks that are available to provide questions. Four of these question banks are administered by University, College or Department administrators. The fifth question bank -- titled My questions -- is where questions specified by instructors are available to that instructor.

  • University questions are asked on all course sections.

  • College questions are specified by College to appear on all course sections that college "owns" as specified in UDSIS.

  • Department questions are specified by the Department to appear on all course sections that department "owns" as specified in UDSIS, which includes cross-listed courses.

  • Group questions are specified by the Group -- like Honors or Distance Learning -- to appear on all course sections that Group "owns" as specified in UDSIS.

  • My questions enable an instructor to create custom questions which can be used only on that instructor's course.

Create a new question

Instructors may view and use but not change questions in University, College, Department or Group question banks. If you wish to use a question from the Department or College question bank, see Assign a question to an evaluation section below.

To create a new question, click the Create question button located in the upper right.

On the Create a Question screen, enter your question in the text box. Indicate question usage -- course or instructor -- so the question is ordered with those types of questions when presented to the student.

When specifying the answer format, choose the radio button for the format you need. If you choose rating, also choose the desired scale wording from the drop menu (see Rating Scales below). For a multiple choice answer format, enter the choices in the input boxes in the order you wish them to appear to the student.

Rating Scales

  • Almost Always / Frequently / Sometimes / Occasionally / Hardly Ever
  • A / B / C / D / E
  • Strongly Agree / Agree / Neither / Disagree / Strongly Disagree
  • Definitely True / More True than False / In Between / More False than True / Definitely False
  • Very Good / Good / Neither Good nor Poor / Poor / Very Poor
  • Good / Above Average / Average / Below Average / Poor
  • Always / Frequently / Sometimes / Rarely / Never
  • Very Satisfied / Satisfied / Neither / Dissatisfied / Very Dissatisfied
  • Excellent / Very Good / Good / Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Synthesis (can design, formulate) / Analysis (can analyze, explain why) / Application (can recognize, apply) / Comprehension (can describe, explain) / Knowledge (can recall, repeat)

After entering your question and answer information, click the Submit Form button at the bottom of the screen. This adds your question to My Questions question bank.

For the question to appear on your evaluation, you must "assign" the question from My Questions question bank to your evaluation.

Assign a question

Before assigning questions to your course sections, you may want to double check what you have already assigned by going to the View questions to be used section and choosing My Questions. Be sure to check both Question Types by choosing Course or Instructor at the top of the page.

To add questions to your course sections, return to the Menu (link located at the top right of the page) and under Question Banks, click on My Questions. The My Question Bank page lists questions you have added. At the top of the page is a Question Type selection list, which includes Course or Instructor. The questions you have added are listed under the type you specified when you added the question.

View the question you wish to add and click the Add to evaluation button to the right. On the next page (Step 1), check Assign this question as My question and click Next step unless you have administrative privileges and more options listed that you wish to use.

On Step 2 of 2 of Assign Question to Evaluation, go to the bottom section titled Assign this question and choose the section(s) where this question should appear. Click Submit once to add it. If you have additional assignments for this question, specify them and click Submit for each one.

If you are assigning a question to your LECTURE sections, type or paste the whole section like BISC208013. You may paste more than one section if you separate them with a space. If you are assigning a question to your LAB sections, you may use wild cards like BISC208***L BISC312***L. You may paste more than one section if you separate them with a space.

Most of the time instructors are making one assignment, clicking Submit, reviewing the assignment under Current Assignment(s) in the middle of the page and then clicking Return to Question Bank at the bottom of the page or clicking Menu at the top right of the page.

After assigning all questions, return to the Menu by choosing Menu from the top right of the page. (Logout terminates your session and returns you to the login page.) Go to View Evaluations for Courses I Teach and review the questions appearing on your evaluation. If questions do not appear, perhaps the assignment as described in this section was not done correctly.

Delete or reorder my questions

To remove My Questions from your courses, go to View questions to be used and click My Questions. Use the Remove button to remove questions or the arrows to reorder questions.

Update a question in the Question bank

To edit a question, locate the question in the question bank and choose Edit question. If the question has not been used on an evaluation or there are no responses for that question, you will be presented with the Update Question screen. Once a question has been used on an evaluation, that question cannot be changed. If you attempt to edit a question that has been used, a message will display that says:

"Student responses have been recorded for question number XX. Consequently the question cannot be edited directly. A new question will be created with the changes you enter."

The system copies the question to a new question that you may edit. After making your changes, click Submit Form to add the new question to the question bank. You will need to remove the former question assignment and assign the new question you just created as a result of this edit. See the directions in the next section if you need to do this.

View questions to be used

You can view question assignments for the current evaluation period by choosing one of the options under View questions to be used. The listing displays the question ID, the text of the question, and where the question is assigned (specific department, college, class, section, or group). Course or instructor questions can be viewed by choosing the appropriate type from the Question type drop menu located at the top of the page.

To view questions for a given course and section, type in a course ID and section number in the available box and click Submit.

When looking at the list of question assignments, note that the assignment code may have four parts: the department, the subject code, the course number, and the section number. Asterisks may be displayed for a part of the value. Some examples of assignments are listed below.

QID Question Assignment Explanation
1 The instructor is well prepared for class. EG Question displays on all College of Engineering evaluations.
94 List some things you liked about the course. ELEG
Question displays on evaluations for all sections of ELEG212 courses.
9 Indicate the level of learning achieved in functioning in multidisciplinary teams. ELEG
Question displays on evaluations for all sections of CPEG442.
447 Clarity of course objectives EDUC Question displays on all School of Education evaluations.
2622 How could the Distance Learning process be improved? Distance
Question displays on all Distance Learning evaluations.
1345 Readings in this class are relevant and useful. MyQ
Question displays on all sections of the 425 class that this instructor teaches.
1339 The amount of time students must devote to this class is MyQ COMM418010 Question displays on COMM418 section 010 evaluations that this instructor teaches.

Student results or participation

There are a number of ways that you can search for student participation: Term(s), Course ID, College, Department, or Instructor. As an instructor, you only see the courses that you teach if you choose Department or College. To perform a search:

  1. Choose the term(s) you wish to view. Term defaults to the current semester. If you wish to see results from previous semesters, choose the desired term(s) from the drop menu.
  2. Click "Submit form" or optionally choose other criteria you wish to use for the search and click Submit form.

A list of the courses that qualify for your search appears. Participation tallies are shown in the Participation column. Click on the course number to go to the Evaluation Results menu to view results for the Course and Instructor evaluation and to see a list of participating students. Results are not displayed if participation is less than 3 students or the date is not 15 days after the last final exam date. Student names are listed by name and UD ID. Student names are not associated with that student's responses.

The results are broken into Instructor reports and Course reports. The three types of reports available are:

  • Brief - Shows the question number, question text, a graphical scale representation of the mean, the mean, total participation, and standard deviation. Multiple choice questions display response distribution in percentages per response category.
  • Detailed - Displays the question number, question text, scale text, response distribution across the scale, percentage per response category, total participation, mean, and standard deviation. Multiple choice questions display response distribution in both numbers of responses and percentages per category.
  • Essay - Lists essay questions by question number. Click on a question number to view student responses.
  • By student - Lists a row of responses per student although the student is not identified. This is helpful for comparing responses of one student to specific questions.

Consolidated Report

For terms prior to Fall 2007, the Consolidated Report exists. For Fall 2007 and thereafter, this reporting is integrated into Search for Student Responses or Participation.

Choose Download Consolidated Report under the heading Consolidated Report.

Choose a Term from the dropdown menu and choose ONE of the following criteria: Course ID, Department, or College. Choose either a delimited report or html report. The delimited report is suitable for saving the data to be used in a spreadsheet. The HTML report format is for on screen viewing. After making your selections, click Submit form. It may take a minute or so for the results to calculate and display. Instructors only see results for courses they taught.

Fields that you see in the Consolidated report are: term, course, course title, instructors, instructor evaluated, number of responses, number enrolled, percentage participating, instructor questions sorted by ID, course questions sorted by ID, and average score. Instructors only see their own scores for team-taught courses. Report formats are further explained below:

  • Delimited report - This report appears in plain text and is "pipe" delimited. To save the data for use in a spreadsheet, choose File and then Save Page As. Name the file a meaningful name. If you use the default file name, there is a possibility that you may overwrite data from previous downloads. Choose Text File as the type of file and click Save. For your reference, the question matching the Question ID used on the title line is provided on the bottom of the delimited file. Here are directions for importing data into Excel or directions for importing data into Access.

  • HTML report - This report is formatted for on-screen viewing. Questions are listed by question ID number, but can be viewed in a pop-up window by clicking on a question number.