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Online course Evaluations for Administrators

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

This page provides instructions for using the Administration features of the online course evaluations system. To use this system, you will need to have proper access. To request access, write to Information Technologies.

To log in to course evaluations, go to:

Once you log in, you should see the Course Evaluations screen titled Main Menu for Administrators. This documentation follows the order of the main menu.

This page covers functions you may use as an administrator. For help on basic question management, see Online Course Evaluation for Faculty.

See Policy 4-109 - Alteration of Electronic Processes.

Questions about online course evaluations may be sent using this feedback form.

Setting up for a term

Determine which course sections will participate in online course evaluations. About half of UD's courses are using online evaluations. Send your list which should include any lecture, lab, or discussion section course IDs, to Information Technologies at udit-mis@udel.edu by the term deadline.

If you haven't already, update UDSIS with instructors who are teaching the course sections that will participate in online evaluations. Contact Suzanne Stanley, Registrar's Office, on x1270 or via email at sstanley@udel.edu with any questions.

Check that instructors are correct in UDSIS and then check the online course evaluation system. Log on to course evaluations administration at www.udel.edu/courseevaladmin and under View Course Instructors, choose your college or department. Then, choose the option called View Participating Courses to view a listing of which instructors will be evaluated online. All instructors who should appear on the course evaluation must appear in this listing. If instructors are missing, add them in UDSIS and then use the admin page link and check Get instructor updates from UDSIS. If instructors should not appear on the course evaluation, choose the admin page link to uncheck them. This affects ONLY course evaluations and not UDSIS. The course evaluation system shows all instructors for all tabs in the View All page, which includes Secondary Instructors and TAs. On the View participating sections listing, only the primary instructors are checked.

Course evaluation questions roll over from the previous term. If your evaluation is set up as you need, then there is no effort required on your part for question management. If you wish to change, add, or remove questions, you may do so before the term deadline.

To see what students will see, put a specific course section in Student view in the View questions to be used section. To quickly review what questions are assigned, use the Question listing under View questions to be used, provide your course preface (ex: MEDT) to review any sections listed.

Assign a question to an evaluation

See directions to Assign a question to an evaluation.

On Step 1, administrators may have several options for assigning a question whereas an instructor has one option. Choose the option that best suits the assignment you are trying to make. On Step 2, you will provide more detail for that assignment.

On Step 2 of 2 of Assign Question to Evaluation, go to the bottom section titled Assign this question and choose which sections this question should appear. Click Submit once to add it. In the section titled Current Assignment(s), check that the assignment looks correct. If you have additional assignments for this question, specify them in the bottom section titled Assign this question, choose which sections this question should appear, and click Submit once to add them.

The Return to Question Bank button may be used to go back to the Question Bank to assign more questions. After assigning all questions, return to the Menu by choosing Menu from the top right of the page. (Logout terminates your session and returns you to the login screen.) Go to View questions to be used section and review the course sections containing the questions you just assigned. You may find that the Question Listing option is particularly helpful. If questions do not appear, perhaps the assignment as described in this section was not done correctly. To troubleshoot, you may look at the QID of the question you just assigning using Question ID (QID) option to see where it is assigned.

Hide/Return a question to view

As an administrator, you have the option to "hide" any question from view by choosing the green Hide from view button. It will not be hidden from the administrator's view, but will not be available for instructors to assign to an evaluation. This will also relocate the question to the end of your question bank listing. All active questions are listed first and are sorted in numerical order. Inactive questions are listed in numerical order at the end of the question bank. To return a question to instructor view, scroll to the bottom of your question bank, find the question you want to reactivate and choose the red Return to view button. This allows faculty to view/assign the question again.

Student results or participation

There are a number of ways that you can search for student participation: Term, Course ID, College, Department, or Instructor. To perform a search:

  1. Choose the term(s) you wish to view. Term defaults to the current semester. If you wish to see results from previous semesters, choose the desired term(s) from the drop menu.
  2. Choose other criteria you wish to use for the search and click Submit form.

A list of the courses that qualify for your search appears. Participation tallies are shown in the Participation column. Click on the course number to go to the Evaluation Results menu to view results for the Course and Instructor evaluation and to see a list of participating students. Results are not displayed if participation is less than 3 students or the date is not 15 days after the last final exam date. Student names are listed by name and UD ID. Student names are not associated with that students' responses.

The results are broken into Instructor reports and Course reports. The three types of reports available are:

  • Brief - Shows the question number, question text, a graphical scale representation of the mean, the mean, total participation, and standard deviation. Multiple choice questions display response distribution in percentages per response category.

  • Detailed - Displays the question number, question text, scale text, response distribution across the scale, percentage per response category, total participation, mean, and standard deviation. Multiple choice questions display response distribution in both numbers of responses and percentages per category.

  • Essay - Lists essay questions by question number. Click on a question number to view students written responses.

  • By student - Lists a row of responses per student although the student is not identified. This is helpful for comparing responses of one student to specific questions.

Participation summary

While an evaluation is in progress or after the evaluation period has ended, Admins may use the Participation Summary link to request an email report of delimited data that includes:

  • Term
  • Course ID
  • # Received
  • # Enrolled
  • % participated

Here are directions for use the delimited data:
in MicroSoft Excel
in MicroSoft Access

Consolidated report

For terms prior to Fall 2007, the Consolidated Report exists. For Fall 2007 and thereafter, this reporting is integrated into Search for Student Responses or Participation.

At the bottom of the Main Menu, choose Download Consolidated Report under the heading Consolidated Report.

Choose a Term from the dropdown menu and choose ONE of the following criteria: Course ID, Department, or College. Choose either a delimited report or html report. The delimited report is suitable for saving the data to be used in a spreadsheet. The HTML report format is for on screen viewing. After making your choices, click Submit form. It may take a minute or so for the results to display.

Fields that you will see in the Consolidated report are: term, course, course title, instructors, instructor evaluated, number of responses, number enrolled, percentage participating, instructor questions listed in ID order, college questions listed in ID order, and average score. If a course has 3 instructors, you will see 3 separate instructor lines (one for each instructor) and a 4th line for the course question results. Report formats are further explained below:

  • Delimited report - This file is displayed in plain text and is "pipe" delimited. To save the data for use in a spreadsheet, choose File and then Save Page As. Name the file a meaningful name. If you accept the default name there is a possibility that you may overwrite data from previous downloads. Select Text File as the type of file and click Save. For your reference, a question list is found at the bottom of the delimited file.

    Here are directions for use the delimited data:
    in MicroSoft Excel
    in MicroSoft Access

  • HTML report - This file has been formatted for on-screen viewing. Questions are listed by question ID number, but can be viewed in a pop-up window by clicking on a question number.