Move-in and beyond

After you activate your UDelNet account and UD email account, you can connect to the UD network, download free, required software (i.e., McAfee Anti-virus software), update your contact information, and connect your TV to the cable system.

  1. Connect to the UD network

    On-campus students: Follow these instructions to connect to UD's network.

    Off-campus students: Follow these instructions to connect to UD's network.

  2. Install software as needed from UDeploy

  3. UDeploy is the Web site for downloading UD-licensed and customized software, including anti-virus programs, Web browsers, and utilities. All computers connected to the UD network MUST have McAfee Anti-virus software installed. You can download a free version of this software from UDeploy.

  4. Update your contact information

    It's very important that the University have the correct contact information for you in case of an emergency. Follow these instructions to check--and update if necessary--your contact information.
  5. Connect TV to cable network in residence halls

    What you need to hook up your TV and more.
  6. If you need help, submit a Help Ticket Request or contact the IT Support Center at (302) 831-6000.