Using the UD Social Media Content Submission Form

The UD Social Media Content Submission Form allows you to promote your department's or unit's activities, events, or information to large numbers of the UD community. While the form is in "test" mode, use this URL to submit information:


Submitting the form sends a notification to the appropriate social media feed administrator. For security reasons, and to keep spammers from using the form, you'll need to

  1. provide your information,
  2. click Submit on the main form,
  3. follow the prompts to log in to Google Apps at UD (unless you are already logged in at Google Apps at UD), and
  4. click Submit again.

We list more detailed field by field and screen by screen instructions below. If you have any questions, contact

Completing the form

Go to the form, fill in the fields, and submit the form as outlined below:

  1. UD Social Media Feed (required): Select at least one of UD's six main social media feeds.
  2. Media: Select whether you think your content should be posted to Facebook, Twitter, or both media.
  3. Share your news (required): Type your content here. The final decision about how your information will appear is made by the feed's administrator. You may exceed twitter's 140-character limit, but the feed administrator will edit the information before tweeting, or may use or adapt your long announcement for Facebook.
  4. URL: Use this textbox to supply the URL for additional information or multimedia: photo, video, etc.
  5. Posting Date: You can choose to provide a specific date or set of dates you want the information posted. You can also provide a time, a list of dates, a frequency (e.g., the next three Tuesdays), or other information to help the feed administrator determine the best time to promote your event.
  6. Submit button: After you've provided this information, click the Submit button. You'll then be prompted to authenticate at Google Apps at UD.

Authenticating and approving your submission: Google Apps at UD

  1. If you were not already logged into Google Apps at UD, provide your UDelNet ID and password on the Google Apps at UD login screen. Click Login.
  2. At the top of the next screen, you will see a Confirmation message. Click Yes, submit my response.
  3. Close your Web browser window.

Google Apps troubleshooting tip:
Since the prototype form is inside a Web frame, in some circumstances, the Google Apps login prompt or confirmation message may not be immediately visible. Scroll to the top of the frame to see the appropriate information from Google Apps.

Further information