Acceptable Use of University IT Resources: Students

Know the rules for UD's online community

The University welcomes you to its electronic community. Just as you abide by the laws implemented by federal, state, and local governments, you must abide by the rules of the University. In addition to practicing acceptable behavior in the classroom and around campus, you are expected to follow the rules and guidelines when using the network.

The computer, smart phone, tablet or other Internet-capable device you bring to campus is personal until you connect it to the campus network. You own your computer, phone, or device, but the University owns the network: all the wires, cables, routers, and network pathways (i.e., the infrastructure).

What your computer or Internet-capable device does while on the network can significantly impact everyone else connected to the network: thousands of students, faculty, and staff. You are expected to use computing resources responsibly in accordance with the University's mission and in compliance with its policies and all applicable laws and regulations. This principle is the basis for the following general acceptable use guidelines: