IT Backup Service

University of Delaware Information Technologies (IT) provides data and email backup and recovery services for centrally managed systems and servers. Backup and recovery services are also offered for college- and department-owned servers.

  • For these purposes, a server is defined as any supported device that has a primary function intended for concurrent use by multiple users.
  • The service is limited to University servers that meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • Backup services for desktop system are not provided centrally.
  • Cost: Flat fee tiered pricing: $100 annually for up to 250GB; $50 annually for each additional tier of up to 250GB. Charges will be adjusted annually based on average usage. Examples:
    • Backing up 190GB: $100 annually (only using a portion of the first 250GB tier)
    • Backing up 410GB: $150 annually ($100 for the first 250GB tier, $50 for the 160GB used in the
      second 250GB tier)
    • Backing up 750GB: $200 annually ($100 for the first 250GB tier, $50 each for the
      second and third 250GB tiers).

    Service Details

    • Real-time data recovery capabilities.
    • Support for many popular operating systems.
    • Full backups are performed one weekend per month.
    • Level 1 incremental backups are performed all other weekends each month.
    • Incremental backups are performed daily.
    • Backups will begin each day at a mutually agreeable time.
    • Data backups are retained for three months using a 90-day rolling window.
    • Email server backups are retained for two weeks.
    • Backup sets are stored on site or on "near line" disk or tape and are always available for recovery operations by server administrators.

    Using the Service

    To request use of the service, a server administrator should submit a Help Request to the IT Support Center. The following information is required in the request:

    • Operating system
    • Processor type 
    • Processor architecture (e.g., 32-bit or 64-bit)
    • IP address
    • Fully qualified domain name
    • Directory paths to be backed up (Examples: C:\, F:\Backups, or /, /opt, /home, etc.)
    • Approximate time of day the daily backups should start
    • Contact information for the server's administrator:
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Telephone number
      • Department/College Name.

    For more information about the service, submit a Help Request to the IT Support Center.

    Last reviewed: May 19, 2014