Reduce spam

Not only is spam annoying, but it can sometimes be a vehicle for perpetrating fraud, spreading malware (viruses, Trojan horses, worms, etc.), and harvesting information about you.

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate all spam. Spammers are always developing new ways to fool automatic and custom filters, so you will occasionally receive spam. It's up to you to determine how to deal with spam, but the guidelines below will give you a starting point.


You are responsible for monitoring ALL email sent to your University address. While filters may be helpful to deal with spam, be sure to monitor your junk mail folders for legitimate messages.


More information

You've Got Spam: How to "Can" Unwanted Email (FTC)
Suggests techniques to avoid spam on your primary email account like using a disposable address to sign up for newsletters and forwarding messages to your primary account. (FTC)
Forward egregious examples of spam, with full headers, to this address.