Connect securely to University resources

The University offers several ways to access its network and electronic resources. You can often use different methods and connection types to access the same resources, but not all are secure.

The University recommends using secure connections, whether you're dealing with confidential or non-confidential information. Refer to the guidelines below to connect to the UD network.


  • Use the UDel Secure wireless network instead of UDel.
  • Use UD Dropbox as a secure method to send large files.
  • Use SSH to log in to the UNIX directory.
  • Use SSH Secure File Transfer (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) to transfer files to or from the UNIX directory.
  • Use VPN to access restricted materials.

More information

Configuring your computer to use the UDel Secure wireless network
Instructions on connecting your computer to the UDel Secure wireless network.

Secure Shell Instructions
How to install and connect to the University's network through secure shell, or ssh, which allows you to log in to the UNIX directory and securely transfer files between your computer and the UNIX server.

Link securely to VPN at UD (Mac, Windows, and Linux)
Instructions on connecting to the University's network through VPN, which is a secure method to access campus resources from off campus.