Wireless networks available at UD

All UD residence halls now provide wireless access in all rooms and common areas.

As this screen shot from a Windows 7 computer demonstrates, your computer will probably find four UD wireless networks.
  • UDel Help: Use this network only when you register a computer's or Internet-capable device's wireless adapter for Internet access.
  • UDel: The University's wireless network, available nearly everywhere across campus.
  • UDel Secure: You can use either the UDel or UDel Secure wireless network to do your work. The UDel network is secure; the UDel Secure network has some extra safeguards but may not work with all wireless adapters or be available on all parts of the Newark campus.
  • When available, an Ethernet (wired) connection will always be faster than a wireless connection.
  List of UD Wireless Networks

If you need assistance configuring your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other Internet-capable device, contact the IT Support Center.