Manually configuring your computer to use the UDel Secure wireless network

UDel Secure is a network that provides access to a secure wireless network infrastructure. To use this secure network, you will need

The UDel Secure wireless network encrypts your data as it passes between your computer and a wireless access point. In former configurations of the UD wireless network, you were not required to enter your UDelNet ID and password. However, UDel Secure requires that you enter this information.

  1. Once you add the UDel Secure network to the list of wireless networks to your computer, anyone who uses or borrows your computer will not have to log in to access UDel Secure using his or her UDelNet ID and password. To maintain security, it is imperative that you disable (remove) the UDel Secure network when you loan your computer to someone else. The individual who borrows it should follow these instructions to add the network under his or her own UDelNet ID and password. When you have the computer back, you can re-enable UDel Secure under your own UDelNet ID and password.
  2. You can not register a dedicated IP address with UDel Secure.

We recommend that you use UDel Help to register for the UDel Secure network.

Try UDel Help first. In case you need them, we list the instructions for manually configuring your computer. But UDel Help is much easier to use.