Recovering files on the central UNIX servers

The UD recover command that allows people to restore corrupted or deleted files on the central UNIX servers is currently inoperable. While we work to repair that command, follow the instructions below to submit a request that IT recover a corrupted or deleted file for you.

If you accidentally erase or corrupt a file on one of UD's central UNIX servers, you can submit an IT Support Center Help Request that a file, multiple files, or a directory be recovered for you.

Files are backed up every night, and backups are retained for 180 days. Therefore, you can request recovery of a file that was on the central UNIX servers yesterday or up to 180 days ago. If you created a file since the last system backup and accidentally corrupted or deleted it, your file cannot be recovered.

  1. Open an IT Support Center Help Request.
  2. In the Problem details section of the form, choose Other (describe) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Include the following information in the Problem details text box:
    • The pathname of the file, files, or directory
      • Examples:
        /www/htdocs/it/help/unix/recover/   (full path)
        ~/public_html/resume.html   (one file in the public_html subdirectory of your home directory [~])
        ~/cisc181/projects/project3*   (all files whose names begin with project3 in the specified subdirectory)
    • Your best estimate of the date and time good versions of the files were last available
    • Your best estimate of the date and time the files were created.
  4. You will be notified by email when your file or files have been recovered.

When the recover command has been repaired, we will update this help file with the directions for using it.

Last updated: 1/7/15