Microsoft Office for UD Students

The University of Delaware is now participating in the Microsoft Student Advantage program which allows students to download Microsoft Office at no charge. Students may continue to use Office as long as they remain enrolled in classes at the University.

UD students can download Office using the Microsoft Office 365 Portal, App Store (Apple iOS devices), or Google Play Store (Android phones). (Directions below)

This program is not available for UD-owned computers or for UD employees, unless the employees are enrolled in classes. (More information)

What's included

Different applications are included in Office for Students depending on the computer or device you are using.

Windows computers

Mac OS X computers, iPads

Windows phones, Android phones, and iPhones

Note: Only Office Web applications are available for Android tablets.

Windows RT tablets

Note: Microsoft Office is included on RT Tablets.


Installation for Windows and Mac OS X Computers

  1. Proceed to the  Microsoft Office 365 Portal
  2. If you see a window asking you to choose your Office 365 account or your Organizational Account, choose Organizational Account.
  3. Fill in your username as, then press the TAB or ENTER key. For example,
  4. In the popup-window, type and your UDelNet (UD email) password as indicated. NOTE: If the correct password is not accepted on this screen, go to the Network Page and change your password. You can even change it to what it currently is. Changing your password will cause the Microsoft Student Advantage program to recognize your password the next time you attempt to log in.
  5. Select Install, then follow the prompts.

Installation for iOS devices and Android phones

The applications can be installed from the left side of the Microsoft Office 365 Portal.

Installation notes

  • Each student may install Office on up to 5 devices, and devices can be deactivated using the Microsoft Office 365 Portal.
  • The procedures outlined below only need to be followed once for each computer or device on which Office is installed. Microsoft Office applications update automatically.

Restrictions on use

  • When a student is no longer enrolled in classes, Office applications will stop working on the student's computer or device but the files created by the student will remain on the computer or device.
  • This program is not available for University-owned systems.
  • This program is not available for faculty- or employee-owned systems unless the employee is a UD student.
  • Microsoft licenses for University and UD employees' use are referenced at the UDeploy Web site.