Protect and clean your computer: Windows 7


  • You must complete ALL numbered steps.
  • These instructions require you to download files from the Internet. If your computer cannot access the Internet, use a computer that can connect and download the files to a DVD or memory stick.

Computer protection and maintenance tasks

  1. Check Microsoft security center
  2. Use up-to-date McAfee Anti-Virus software
  3. Protect against spyware
  4. Set up desktop security
  5. Perform ongoing maintenance tasks
    You must make sure you perform the following tasks weekly to keep your computer clean and your information safe.
    • Run disk cleanup
    • Remove and prevent spyware
    • Backup important data to an external source such as a thumb drive or a DVD
    • Obtain critical security updates for other applications (e.g., Quicktime, Adobe Acrobat Reader, AIM, Microsoft Office, etc.) installed on your computer.

If, after you follow these instructions, your computer still exhibits signs of infection, you may need to make an appointment to have your computer cleaned (charges do apply). Submit a Help Ticket Request or call the IT Help Center at (302) 831-6000.

For further information about computer security, go to the UD computer security home page.