HP DesignJet Z6100 Poster Printing

Important: Read this entire page before you begin to design your poster. Posters for printing should be submitted 24hrs. in advance of your deadline.

Preliminary information

System requirements

The HP DesignJet Z6100 poster printer supports both Windows and Macintosh OS platforms. If your system does not meet these requirements, design your project with the correct paper size, create a PostScript or PDF file, and bring it on a portable medium to the Smith Service Desk (Room 004 in the basement of Smith Hall) to print it. All Microsoft Office 2010 (Office X for the Mac) applications (including Publisher), Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Reader, and Distiller are available at the printing station. Note that if you need to make changes to a poster you created in an earlier version of any of these applications, you will have to do that in the version you used originally.

Font guide

A number of fonts are installed and available for direct use on the HP DesignJet Z6100 color poster printer in the Smith computing site. If you want to use a font that does not appear on this list, you must make sure that your application embeds the font information in the PostScript document that it generates; otherwise, your document may not print as you expect.

Printing size

The HP DesignJet Z6100 prints on a 42" wide roll of paper, but it cannot print to the edges. You should set your shorter dimension to be less than 41.5". Your longer dimension can be several feet, for example 72"; however, most software programs have maximum page-size limitations to consider before you design your project. Review the page-size information before you start

If you want to print a poster larger than your software program allows, you can set the longer dimension to the maximum allowed value and then rescale the poster at print time. It is important to set the shorter dimension small enough so the rescaled poster will fit on the paper, i.e, rescaled dimension < 41.5.

You want to print a six-foot poster (72") using PowerPoint, which has a page-size limitation of 56".
Set your PowerPoint page size to:
   long dimension = 56 inches
   short dimension = 41.5 * 56/72 = 32.25 inches
Then print using a printer page size of:
   long dimension = 56*72/56 = 72 inches
   short dimension = 32.25*72/56 = 41.46 inches


Charges for printing to the HP DesignJet Z6100 are $6.00 per running foot. You must use a UD1 FLEX spending account or submit a Web Form: Request for Service - IT Large Format Print (Posters) as payment for posters prior to the print job being submitted by the department's students and staff. You will need to bring the requisition number of this form for printing and picking-up your poster. Cash and checks will not be accepted.

Release print job

To reduce waste, all printing jobs will be held in queue until released by the Smith Service Desk staff. If you plan to print directly from your office and want your project ready for pick-up at the computing site when you arrive, you must call 831-1152 and request that the attendant preview your project. If the orientation looks correct, your job can be released, and you will be responsible to pay for the final product. The preview feature shows a very small representation of your final project. Attendants will not be able to confirm color compatibility or font substitution results. If you bring your project file on portable media to the Service Desk, a full-screen preview is available before printing.

Directions for preparing and printing posters using Windows or Mac OS