This program creates a “container” which acts like a drive when you have it mounted on your system using TrueCrypt. To mount it, you must use the password you used when you created the container. After it is mounted, you can store files in it like you would on any other drive.

Tips for using TrueCrypt

If you intend to store multiple files or email files you place in the encrypted container, make sure:

  • The container is 10% larger than the file(s) you plan to place in it.
  • The person you are emailing the encrypted container to has TrueCrypt so they can decrypt it.
  • You email the entire encrypted container that holds the file, and not the individual file inside of the container (you would be sending the decrypted form).
  • You create multiple encrypted containers if you only want to email some encrypted information, but not all of the encrypted information on your PC.

With TrueCrypt, Windows users can share files securely with Mac users and vice versa as long as the password is shared between the users and the container is formatted using the FAT file system.

Visit TrueCrypt and download the file intended for your operating system.
Save it to your desktop or downloads folder.

Directions for using TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt FAQs