Migrate to Google Apps at UD

  If you forward your email to another email service (either a departmental email server or an off-campus provider--e.g., yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com) using UD Webmail filters, you must disable that forwarding before your stored email can be moved.

Directions for migrating to Google Apps at UD

To migrate your own email account from UD Webmail (mail.udel.edu) to Google Apps at UD, follow these directions.

  1. Anyone with an @udel.edu email address can go to the Network Page and switch his or her email to Google Apps at UD.

  2. After logging in to the Network Page with your UDelNet ID and password or UD ID and PIN, select Switch to Google Apps @UDel.edu for your UD email. You'll see a Web page like the one shown below:
    Switch to Google Apps screen
  3. If you want all your stored mail on Mirapoint (UD Webmail, mail.udel.edu) moved to Google Apps at UD, click the checkbox next to Migrate the email messages in my Mirapoint account to Google Apps @UDel.edu as soon as possible. IT will move your stored mail messages for for you.
      Do not check the box if you are forwarding your email to another account. Turn forwarding off, then submit an ITSC Help Request asking IT staff move your stored email to Google Apps.
  4. Click the large button labelled Select Google Apps @UDel.edu as Your UD Email System.
  5. Within five minutes of your having submitted that request, new email will begin appearing in your Google Apps at UD inbox. Your email address will continue to be udelnetid@udel.edu.

Migration Notes

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