Migrate to Exchange

  If you forward your email to another email service (either a departmental email server or an off-campus provider--e.g., yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com) using UD Webmail filters, you must disable that forwarding before your account can be moved.

Individual faculty or employees may request an account on the University's central Exchange server. IT staff will confer with an individual or individual department's IT professional before scheduling the move.

Directions for migrating to UD's Central Exchange Service

  1. Contact your department's IT staff. If you do not know whom to contact, submit an ITSC Help Request or call the ITSC (302-831-6000).
  2. Your department's IT staff will submit a UD Exchange Account Request Form on your behalf. (Note: If you are requesting accounts for more than 10 people in your department, submit multiple forms.)
  3. IT staff will contact you to schedule your migration.
  4. Follow these instructions for setting up and using UD's Central Exchange service.
  5. After following those directions or the directions provided to you by your department's IT staff, your email address will continue to be udelnetid@udel.edu.

Further assistance

For further assistance, contact the IT Support Center: submit a Help Request Form, send email to consult@udel.edu, or call (302) 831-6000.