Importing your contacts into Google Apps at UD

After all your stored email messages have been moved to Google Apps at UD, you will recieve an email message with an attachment: your Mirapoint email contacts sent as a CSV file. Follow these directions to import your Mirapoint contacts into Google Apps at UD. (Note: The screenshots in the directions below were taken using the Chrome Web browser on an Apple Macintosh computer. You may see some minor differences, depending on your computer and Web browser.)

  1. Sign in to
  2. Locate the email message that has your email contacts attached as a CSV file. Click Download (as highlighted below) to download the file to your computer. Remember where you saved the file for use in steps 5 and 6 below.
    CSV file as email attachment
  3. There are two ways to navigate to Contacts in Google Apps at UD. Either click Mail and select Contacts from that menu, or select Contacts from the black menu bar towards the top of your computer screen.
    Navigating to your contacts
  4. There are two ways of finding the Import command in Google Apps Contacts. You may choose Import Contacts from the left menu or Import... from the More dropdown menu. Both are highlghted in the screenshot below.
    CSV file as email attachment
  5. When prompted to import the CSV file, click the Browse or Choose File button.
    Prompt to import contacts
    Locate and select your downloaded contacts file. Locating the contacts file
  6. Select the file you'd like to upload and click the Open, Choose, or Save button, depending on your Web browser.
  7. The Import Contacts screen that you saw in step 5 should now indicate that a file is selected. Click Import.
  8. When the contacts information has been completely imported, Google Apps at UD will display the number of contacts imported, and, depending on your Web browser, display the imported contacts.
    successful import

Further assistance

You can find more detailed information about contacts in's help files.

For further assistance, contact the IT Support Center: submit a Help Request Form, send email to, or call (302) 831-6000.