Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrollment for Education Solutions

The University of Delaware has obtained a subscription license from Microsoft to give departments and institutional users fast and easy access to the most current desktop platform products from Microsoft. The University's Microsoft agreement includes changes to our Microsoft Work at Home licensing.

The Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) entitles all departments—and every active faculty and staff member—to subscription licenses for Microsoft's Education Desktop with Enterprise CAL Suite product which includes the following software for use on University-owned systems:


The products listed may at any time be replaced by successor products.

This agreement includes the option of installing or deploying "downgrade" versions (previous versions) in place of the current versions available through the EES subscription license. For instance, you can choose to deploy the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system instead of the Windows 8 Enterprise operating system.

IT Professionals needing various components of the Enterprise CAL Suite should contact the IT Support Center. (Submit a Help Request Form; call 302-831-6000; send email to

Restrictions on personal use

  • University-owned computers only: Eligible faculty & staff may download the Windows and Office software for installation on University-owned computers from the UDeploy licensed software server. This software is not to be downloaded for personal use.
  • Microsoft Work at Home Licenses: The University's Microsoft agreement includes limited Work at Home rights. Permanent faculty and staff may purchase and download a selection of Microsoft software for use on personally owned computers for University-related work only. The fee is about $10.00 for a Windows or Office license. For more information, and a link to download the software, go to the UDeploy Microsoft Work at Home Software Licenses page.

  • For personal use: University faculty and staff can take advantage of the academic pricing discussed at the Computing Purchases at UD website.

Last updated: January 6, 2015