Supervisor's checklist for new faculty/staff

  1. Computer Hardware and Software

    1. Verify that the new employee's computer is configured sufficiently for work responsibilities. See Technology Purchase Consulting: Resources for departments & administrative units for recommended institutional computer configurations, and the purchase of hardware, software and peripherals for the institution.
    2. Each office computer needs an IP number. Call 831-6041 to obtain or verify the correct IP number for the new employee's computer.
    3. Contact your departmental server administrator if the employee needsaccess to a departmental server or network printer.
    4. If a computer is being purchased, have your departmental computer support person setup the computer or submit a Help Ticket request for computer setup from IT-Client Support & Services.
  2. System Access and Authorization

    1. Verify with your HR liaison that the new permanent employee is in the Human Resource System and have the employee activate their account.
      A UDelNet account is automatically created two days after the employee is entered into the Human Resource System.
    2. Direct the permanent employee to obtain an ID card.
    3. For a non-permanent employee, complete the UDelNet Account Request.
    4. Does the new employee require access to UD Administrative Systems?
      • UD Student Information (UDSIS)
      • UD Human Resources
      • UD Financial Systems

    5.   Complete the required web form(s)  (Note: Login required).
  3. Phone and Voicemail

    1. If a new phone set or phone line is required, e-mail Telephone Services. Include the employee's name and location.
    2. If necessary, request that voice mail be set up on the phone extension.
    3. If a current phone is being used, request that the voice mailbox be reinitialized.
  4. Does the new employee have computing support responsibilities in your department?

    1. Please complete a Help Ticket request, listing his/her name and the department(s) supported.
  5. Review the New Faculty/Staff Checklist with the employee.

  6. Helpful URLs, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.