Smartphone Anti-virus Recommendations

Currently, UD does not have a site license for an anti-virus application for smartphones.

You should exercise similar caution with your smartphone or tablet as you do with your computer:

Do Android™ smartphones get viruses?
Yes, the Android operating system is relatively open and can get infected when apps are downloaded. Google had to remove 50 apps that had DroidDream attached, malware that passed sensitive data such as passwords to a remote server. And in June 2014, ransomeware trojans appeared for the first time. Our anti-virus recommendation for an Android smartphone is Lookout Mobile Security Free.

Do BlackBerry® smartphones get viruses?
Yes, they can, but only one to date: the Zeus trojan that would monitor a user's private information, especially mobile banking. The BlackBerry smartphones owned by UD are behind the BES server so would not be as vulnerable. Our anti-virus recommendation for a BlackBerry smartphone is Lookout Mobile Security Free.

Do iPhone® mobile digital devices get viruses?
So far, only if they are unlocked or jailbroken. The only reported malware has been the ikee worm, which only infected an iPhone via SSH and changed the phone's background. We have seen very few security issues with iPhones--so long as the iPhone is password protected. We currently do not have a recommendation for Apple iPhone anti-virus software.


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Last updated: 6/12/14