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"Uncovering an Invisible Demographic: Faculty, Disclosure, and Disability in Higher Education"

Although the experiences of disabled students are relatively well-documented, at least in part because they are tracked by disability services offices through accommodation requests, disabled faculty constitute a nearly invisible demographic in higher education.

Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education
A national conference to be held at The University of Delaware, Newark, DE October 25-27, 2013. Visit the web site for more information.

Stephanie Kerschbaum is an assistant professor of English at the University of Delaware whose research focuses on writing studies, diversity rhetorics, and disability studies. Her book manuscript, Towards a New Rhetoric of Difference: Doing Diversity in Writing Classrooms, is forthcoming. She is currently working on a two-stage research project looking at disability and disclosure. The first stage comprises a national survey on faculty with mental disabilities in the academy which is being conducted in collaboration with Margaret Price (Spelman College) and Mark Salzer (Temple University). The second stage, on which she is collaborating with Margaret Price, comprises a smaller-scale interview study looking at faculty members with a variety of disabilities.