Service Award milestones are:
  • Recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service
  • Only for benefit-eligible employees
  • Celebrated every year in the spring for the current year honorees. (See: Service Award Chart)
  • Years of service are based only on benefited employment time
    • Student and miscellaneous wage employment do not count toward years of service
    • Unpaid breaks-in-service do not count toward the total years of service calculation
    • Faculty sabbaticals are not breaks-in service (and count toward years of service)

Service Award Gifts
  • UD uses MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of gifts for each service award year
  • You will be invited to select a gift in the spring of the fiscal year that you reach a milestone year
  • You will receive an email with a link to the online catalog from MTM Recognition
    • Facilities & Auxiliary Services and Dining Services employees - MTM will mail a gift brochure to your home address
  • You may select a gift from your milestone year or lower
    • Example: When celebrating 15 years, you may select from the 15-, 10-, or 5-year collections.
  • To get a sneak peek at the gifts available for any level, log-in to the Service Award Program Website.  Click the Guest button and then any of the links under Your Collections.
  • Shipping of service award gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Service Award selections must be made by September 30th.

Retirement Gifts
  • UD has contracted with MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of retirement gifts, including the much admired UD standard and rocking chairs.
  • You will receive a Retirement Collection brochure when you meet with Benefits to complete your retiree benefits enrollment.   You will contact MTM Recognition directly to order your gift and provide information for any personalized item chosen.
  • Shipping of retirement gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Retirement gifts must be selected within one-year of retirement date.

Service Award and Retirement Recognition Events
  • A luncheon held annually in March or April to honor employees with 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • A dinner held annually in May to honor employees with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service, as well as to honor retirees from the previous 12 months.  Each employee/retiree is encouraged to bring a guest.
Service Award Dates for Fiscal Year 2015/2016
(Employees Honored in Spring 2016)
5 7/1/2010 and 6/30/2011 Luncheon
March 16, 2016
10 7/1/2005 and 6/30/2006
15 7/1/2000 and 6/30/2001
20 7/1/1995 and 6/30/1996 Dinner
May 11, 2016
25 7/1/1990 and 6/30/1991
30 7/1/1985 and 6/30/1986
35 7/1/1980 and 6/30/1981
40 7/1/1975 and 6/30/1976
45 7/1/1970 and 6/30/1971
50 7/1/1965 and 6/30/1966
  5/1/2015 and 4/30/2016 Dinner
May 11, 2016
Years of Service Honorees July 2014 to June 2015

Years First Name Last Name Department
5 Jerry Adams Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Dana Albrecht Univ Development
5 Maria Judy Allarey Ofc of the President
5 James Atlas Computer & Info Sciences
5 William Barnett Engr Acad Affairs
5 Carolyn Bartoo Communication
5 Julia Bayuk Business Administration
5 Deborah Biddle Philosophy
5 Jennifer Biddle School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Sheila Boyle Facilities
5 Adolf Brew Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Patrick Brock Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
5 William Brown Animal and Food Sciences
5 Patricia Brown Ofc of Univ Registrar
5 Pascha Bueno-Hansen Women and Gender Studies
5 Jeffrey Buler Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
5 Sharmayne Burns Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Elizabeth Cahill Univ Development
5 Nigel Caplan English Language Institute
5 Jeffrey Caplan DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 Wendy Capriotti Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Siobhan Carroll English
5 Jo Casapulla Facilities
5 Kristen Chandler UD Early Learning Ctr Wilm
5 Meredith Chapman Ofc Communications & Public Affairs
5 Bintong Chen Business Administration
5 Michelle Cirillo Mathematical Sciences
5 Jo Ann Ciuffetelli Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
5 Roger Coffin Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 David Colby Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Alissa Cope Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
5 Kathleen Copeland English Language Institute
5 Michele Cornish UD Early Learning Ctr Wilm
5 Susan Costa IT-Network & Systems Services
5 Charles Cotton Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Jonathan Cox Art
5 Christine Cucciarre English
5 Kendell Daughtry Public Safety
5 Meaghan Davidson Student Centers
5 Deborah Delaney Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
5 Joseph DeRanieri School of Nursing
5 Laura DiVincenzo Univ Development
5 Mark Dobbins College Engr Business Office
5 Kelly Doremus Delaware Environmental Inst
5 Philip Duker Music
5 Colleen Duncan Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Bernadine Dykes Business Administration
5 Theresa Eller Facilities Plan & Contr Direct
5 Sandra Elliott School of Nursing
5 Rose Ann Essick Procurement Services
5 Matthew Faline Public Safety
5 Hugh Ferrill Public Safety
5 Dale Finley Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Howard Fishman Assoc in Arts Prog
5 Adam Fleischhacker Business Administration
5 Jill Flynn English
5 Pak-Wing Fok Mathematical Sciences
5 Timothy Fowles Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 Patricia Fox B&E Finance
5 Kelly Freel UD Early Learning Ctr Wilm
5 Gina Frushon Catalys Ctr Energy Innovation
5 Linda Garber Library
5 Portia Garvey Research Office
5 Amanda Gearhart Admissions Office
5 Craig Gillund Arts & Sciences
5 Marlo Goss College Engr Business Office
5 Jane Graci UD Early Learning Center
5 Katherine Granfield Student Financial Services
5 Brian Greenstein B&E Accounting & MIS
5 Dave Griffith Research Office
5 Phyllis Guinivan Ctr for Disabilities Studies
5 Mary Hansen Theatre
5 William Harris Environmental Health & Safety
5 Sean Hayes Research Office
5 Maria Hernandez Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Amy Hicks Art
5 Elmer Hobbs Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
5 Melissa Irwin Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Sandy Isenstadt Art History
5 Rosalind Johnson A&S Undergrad Academic Servcs
5 Philip Jones Political Sci & Int Relations
5 James Jones Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Melissa Jurist Engr Acad Affairs
5 Sachin Kamboj School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Michael Kelleher Benefits
5 James Kendra School Public Pol/Administratn
5 Susan Kennedy Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Hannah Kim History
5 Kenneth Kirschner Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Tobias Kukulka School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Richard Leary Public Safety
5 Kateri Linville Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Virginia Lorenz Physics & Astronomy
5 Andrew Lubin Facilities-Real Estate
5 Heather Maginnis New Stdnt Orien & Prnt Relat
5 Laura Marino Business Administration
5 Vincent Marra Economics
5 Edward Marsilii Student Financial Services
5 David Martin Materials Science
5 Kathleen Matt Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Michael Matthews Budget
5 Jonathan Mbogo Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Richard McCann Facilities-Grounds Services
5 Vanessa McClafferty Residence Life and Housing
5 Sarah McCowan A&S Undergrad Academic Servcs
5 Gisela McKenzie Benefits
5 Tracy McMullen College Engr Business Office
5 Matthew McNichol Public Safety
5 Barret Michalec Sociology
5 Mark Mirotznik Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Michael Moore Biological Sciences
5 Adam Moore Student Financial Services
5 Roberta Morrione Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
5 Lee Obrien Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Patrick Ogden Public Safety
5 Stephanie O'Leary Animal and Food Sciences
5 Jacob Olkkola Recreation Services
5 Kaylee Olney English
5 Lynn Opdenaker Biological Sciences
5 Linda Palermo Transportation Services
5 Chirag Parikh Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Brandon Patrick Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Ambre Payne Ofc Communications & Public Affairs
5 Charlene Pepe UD Early Learning Center
5 Traci Peterson Univ Development
5 Regina Phillips Stu Wellness & Hlth Promotion
5 Regina Porter Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Christopher Price Biomedical Eng Program
5 Alan Price Engineering
5 Sandra Quirk Environmental Health & Safety
5 David Ramos Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Christopher Raymond Mathematical Sciences
5 Cynthia Rechsteiner Plant & Soil Science
5 Toni Reed Benefits
5 Daniel Reidinger Ofc of Univ Registrar
5 Patricia Reilly Alumni Relations
5 Michelle Richards Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Jessica Rickmond Office of Student Conduct
5 Ester Riehl Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
5 Tracy Robinson Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 Heather Roscoe Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Joy Rowe Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Robert Rudd Univ Development
5 David Sadler Facilities-Grounds Services
5 Alba Salazar Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Daniel Sarkissian Univ Development
5 Michelle Schatz Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 John Schwander Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
5 Kristen Scully Student Health Services
5 Mark Seifert Campus and Public Safety
5 Brenda Shaffer Fashion & Apparel Studies
5 Kevin Shreve Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Nicholas Shuler Facilities-Grounds Services
5 Donna Simpson Public Safety
5 Lynne Sklar Univ Development
5 James Smith Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Jia Song Biological Sciences
5 Mary Sonnenberg Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Lisa Sorantino Residence Life and Housing
5 Jessica Spangler Student Services for Athletes
5 Benjamin Szmidt Ctr for Disabilities Studies
5 Susan Szymanski UD Early Learning Center
5 Wanda Taylor Animal and Food Sciences
5 Christopher Thompson Energy Conversion
5 Christopher Thompson Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
5 Philip Tribble Univ Development
5 Tonya Van Gilst Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Thomas Vermeer B&E Accounting & MIS
5 Jennifer Vu Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Teh Chen Walsh Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Qinghua Wang CIS - DBI
5 Heather Waples Academic Enrichment Center
5 Sally Warren PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
5 Donald Watson Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Mary Watson Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 David Werts Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
5 Lawrence White VP & General Counsel
5 Jacqueline Wilson Plant & Soil Science
5 Shirley Wilson Medical Laboratory Sciences
5 Justin Wing Library
5 Linden Wolf Geography
5 Lawrence Wroten Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Xiuling Yan B&E Accounting & MIS
5 Sarah Yarrusso Benefits
5 Jia You Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 L Rechilda Alba Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
10 Michelle Alequine UD Early Learning Center
10 Leslie Allshouse Medical Laboratory Sciences
10 Elizabeth Appleby Animal and Food Sciences
10 Grant Bacon Ctr for Drug & Alcohol Studie
10 Constantin Bacuta Mathematical Sciences
10 Deborah Bain Ctr for Disabilities Studies
10 Patricia Barcus Ofc of Univ Registrar
10 Norretta Bastin UD Early Learning Center
10 Sharon Bathon Student Health Services
10 Marsha Baumeister School of Education
10 Srikanth Beldona Hotel,Restaurant Management
10 Wendy Bellion Art History
10 Larry Bickings Facilities-Bldg Maint & Oper
10 Eileen Blouse UD Early Learning Center
10 Svilen Bobev Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 Jacqueline Bryant Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Deena Burke Theatre
10 William Burke Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Charles Ciafardo Facilities-Maint&Op Outly Boil
10 Cathy Ciolek Physical Therapy
10 Deborah Coffin Grad/Exec Programs
10 David Coker School of Education
10 Lisa Collins Agriculture Research/Education
10 Stacy Connor School of Education
10 Cathy Coppol UD Early Learning Center
10 Michael Crescenzo Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
10 Federico Cruz Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 Daniel Cutro Public Safety
10 Amy Darron Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Ujjwal Das Energy Conversion
10 Jamie Daugherty The College School-Education
10 James Davis School of Education
10 Freida Davis Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Daniel De Marco Physics & Astronomy
10 Trisha Dean UD Early Learning Center
10 Anne Decaire School of Nursing
10 William DeCoursey Institute for Public Admin
10 Timothy DeSchriver Business Administration
10 Timothy DeShields Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Mary Donnelly Library
10 John Donnigan Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Debra Dragone B&E Accounting & MIS
10 Laurie Drumm School of Education
10 Randall Duncan Biological Sciences
10 Emmalea Ernest Plant & Soil Science
10 Aaron Fichtelberg Sociology
10 Darryl Flaherty History
10 Michael Flannery Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Billie Foraker Graduate and Professional Educ
10 Jane Frank Environmental Health & Safety
10 Janice Frye Ofc of Univ Registrar
10 Charles Garbini Materials Science
10 Paula Germack PCS-Financial Services
10 Paul Gomez Col Earth Ocean & Environment
10 Wendy Gordon UD Early Learning Center
10 Udell Gordon Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Karen Greco Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Robert Grey DE Ctr for Teacher Education
10 Thomas Griffin Facilities-Grounds Services
10 Myae Han Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
10 David Hannah Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
10 Stefanie Hansen Theatre
10 Marcia Hartline Ctr for Educ Effectiveness
10 Adele Hayes Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Jerome Hayes Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Leonard Heller University Printing
10 Lavorn Hemingway Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Isabel Hernandez Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Roger Hesketh Ctr Community Research & Serv
10 Colleen Hick IT-Management Information Serv
10 Jill Higginson Mechanical Engineering
10 Alison Hill Student Centers
10 Debra Jackson Cashier's Office
10 April Jacobs Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Amanda Jansen School of Education
10 Tracy Jentzsch History
10 Tyrese Johnson College Engr Business Office
10 Russell Johnson Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
10 Lisa Katzmire Mechanical Engineering
10 Stuart Kaufman Political Sci & Int Relations
10 Anna Klintsova Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Kjeld Krag-Jensen Electrical and Computer Engrg
10 Robert Kraver Library
10 Michael Lagola Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Peggy Lane Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Edward Lang Parking Services
10 Paul Laux B&E Finance
10 Samuel Lee Physical Therapy
10 Margaret Legates Geography
10 Gregory Love Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Yin Marek PCS-Financial Services
10 William Marshall Academic Enrichment Center
10 Kyle Martin IT-University Media Services
10 Erica Matt Admissions Office
10 Bernd Mayer Hotel,Restaurant Management
10 Allen McCardell Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
10 Courtney McGinnis University Studies Program
10 Kevin McLaughlin Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
10 David McNamara Facilities Plan & Contr Direct
10 Christopher Merlino Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
10 Roberta Moloff Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
10 Trevor Moore Arts & Sciences
10 Donna Moore Facilities Plan & Contr Direct
10 Jill Neitzel Anthropology
10 Nancy O'Laughlin IT - Academic Technology Svs
10 Amanda Organek UD Early Learning Center
10 Randolph Oswald Univ Development
10 Anna Papafragou Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Sandra Peralta Cooperative Extension Service
10 Gregory Perrine Univ Development
10 Debra Pierce Facilities-Bldg Maint & Oper
10 Carolyn Powell Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Lisa Prescott Admissions Office
10 Jack Puleo Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Kathleen Pusecker Office Educational Assessment
10 Joyce Raison Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Patricia Rimel Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Vicki Rollo B&E Finance
10 Robert Rosenbauer Parking Services
10 Cynthia Rowe Admissions Office
10 Brian Schuster Facilities-Bldg Maint & Oper
10 Jennifer Seabrook Animal and Food Sciences
10 Deborah Seador School of Education
10 Angela Seguin Stu Wellness & Hlth Promotion
10 Erin Shepherd American Philosophical Assoc
10 Christine Shinn Engineering
10 Lauren Simione Alumni Relations
10 Anuradha Sivaraman Business Administration
10 Sandra Smith Transportation Services
10 Don Smith Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
10 Aijun Song School of Marine Sci & Policy
10 Lawrence Stomberg Music
10 David Suisman History
10 Yihshyan Sun Sociology
10 Erik Thostenson Mechanical Engineering
10 Kevin Tritt Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Mary Ellen Trusheim Music
10 Andrew Urban Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Arcadi Usmanov Physics & Astronomy
10 Diana Vansant Residence Life and Housing
10 Julian Velasquez Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
10 Nora Wallace IT-Client Support & Services
10 Sharon Warren Ctr for Black Culture
10 Denise Waters Grad/Exec Programs
10 Daniel Watson Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Sandra Wenner Anthropology
10 John Whisler IT-Network & Systems Services
10 Christopher Williams Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
10 Peter Williams Art
10 Edward Winn Art
10 Patricia Young Disaster Research Center
15 James Adkins Agriculture Research/Education
15 Cathy Allison History
15 Gary Allison School of Education
15 Robin Andreasen Linguistics and Cognitive Science
15 Karen Antes Records Management
15 Stephen Ashby Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Busby Attoh-Okine Civil and Environmental Engineering
15 Juanita Beauford Small Business Development Center
15 Ralph Begleiter Communication
15 Joseph Bennett Facilities-Grounds Services
15 John Bernard Applied Economics and Statistics
15 Joel Best Sociology
15 Jacob Bowman Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
15 Sandra Bradford Center for Disabilities Studies
15 Alison Brayfield Stu Wellness & Hlth Promotion
15 Steven Brittingham Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
15 Stephen Bunville Facilities-Maint&Op Outly Boil
15 Lorrie Burke Jackson UD Early Learning Center
15 Denise Burket Library
15 Ronald Butt Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
15 Terry Campbell Business and Economics Finance
15 Scott Caplan Communication
15 Kimberly Cavallio DE Center for Teacher Education
15 Deborah Cooper Recreation Services
15 Robert Corradetti Foreign Languages and Literatures
15 Jay Coughenour Business and Economics Finance
15 Daniel Coyle Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
15 JoAnne Debes Library
15 James Donovan Public Safety
15 Alicia Downer Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
15 Steven Duke Facilities-Grounds Services
15 John Dyer Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Franklien Eastman IT - Academic Technology Svs
15 Stephen Erickson Library
15 Thomas Fernsler DE Center for Teacher Education
15 Danielle Ford School of Education
15 Stephan Foster Admissions Office
15 Cole Galloway Physical Therapy
15 Javier Garcia-Frias Electrical and Computer Engineering
15 Anthony Goldston Recreation Services
15 David Graham Facilities/Real Estate/Aux Svc
15 Toni Greene Student Financial Services
15 Kimberly Guida Physical Therapy
15 Deborah Hall Agriculture and Natural Resources
15 Susan Hall Health Sciences Deans Office
15 Corinne Hamed Center for Composite Materials
15 Amy Harter Human Development and Family Studies
15 Mark Heissenbuttel Institute for Global Studies
15 Julie Hoffman Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
15 Kimberly Hoffman Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Sean Hogan Public Safety
15 Carol Hrupsa Cooperative Extension Service
15 Lisa Hutton Parking Services
15 Paul Jackson Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Sylvester Johnson Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Christina Johnston Education and Human Development -Office of the Dean
15 Michele Jones Employee Education and Training
15 Emma Joseph Associate in Arts Program
15 Gregory Keane Agriculture and Natural Resources
15 James Keegan Associate in Arts Program
15 Robert Keen Student Centers
15 Hemant Kher Business Administration
15 Fouad Kiamilev Electrical and Computer Engineering
15 Gerhard Kuska MARACOOS
15 Brian Ladman Animal and Food Sciences
15 Jennifer Lambe Communication
15 David Legates Geography
15 Deirdre Lilly School of Education
15 Bruce Lipphardt School of Marine Science and Policy
15 Crystal Maccari Engineering
15 Adam Marsh School of Marine Science and Policy
15 Rhonda Martell Cooperative Extension Service
15 Christine McBride Human Development and Family Studies
15 Gary McCool Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
15 Shelly McCoy Library
15 Michelle McCullough Applied Economics and Statistics
15 Dianna McKellar Library
15 Sandra McVey IT - Academic Technology Svs
15 Ladonna Miller Library
15 Sharon Mouton Academic Enrichment Center
15 Janusz Murakowski Electrical and Computer Engineering
15 Lynne Newlin IT-Network & Systems Services
15 Albert Nojunas Agriculture-Newark Farm
15 Edmund Nowak Physics and Astronomy
15 Mary Null Undergraduate Research Program
15 Rebecca Panichelli Student Health Services
15 Cynthia Paris Human Development and Family Studies
15 Joan Parker Library
15 Laura Pawlowski Center for PreMed and Health Studies
15 Karen Peterson Physical Therapy
15 Darrin Pochan Materials Science
15 Judith Provencal Physics and Astronomy
15 Andrew Reisman Student Health Services
15 Kathryn Roth Library
15 Myrtle Rudzinski Undergraduate Academic Services
15 Jonathan Russ History
15 Melissa Sarver General Accounting
15 Barbara Scott Plant and Soil Science
15 Mark Serva Business and Economics Accounting and MIS
15 Darla Sherrier Plant and Soil Science
15 Eric Sisofo School of Education
15 Linda Smith Employee Wellness
15 Lori Snyder Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Linda Somers Lerner College of Business and Economics
15 Asa Spaulding English
15 Neal Stephens Theatre
15 John Stocker Business and Economics Finance
15 Margaret Surowiec Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Shawn Tingle Agriculture Research/Education
15 Tibor Toth Center for Applied Demography and Survey
15 Sharon Turner Office of the Executive Vice President
15 Uma Velury Business and Economics Accounting and MIS
15 Diane Venninger Animal and Food Sciences
15 Frank Warren Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
15 Gary Wenczel Civil and Environmental Engineering
15 Edward Whereat Colllege of Earth Ocean and Environment
15 Holly Williamson University Printing
15 Kimberly Wilson Lerner College of Business and Economics
15 Carol Wong School of Education
15 Lynn Worden Human Development and Family Studies
15 W Wycoff Business Administration
15 Liying Yu School of Marine Science and Policy
20 Judith Bachman The College School-Education
20 Kenneth Barner Electrical and Computer Engrg
20 Gretchen Bauer Political Sci & Int Relations
20 Stefanie Baxter DE Geological Survey
20 Meghan Biery FYE/LIFE Program
20 Sookie Borsos Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
20 Robert Bosler Budget
20 Margaret Bottorff Ofc of the Provost
20 John Callahan DE Geological Survey
20 Kyle Chappell IT-University Media Services
20 Richard Copley IT - Academic Technology Svs
20 Matthew Cottrell School of Marine Sci & Policy
20 Jan Daisey Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
20 Erin Daix Library
20 Tracy Deliberty Geography
20 Robert Dyer Animal and Food Sciences
20 Deborah Fox Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 George Freeman Art History
20 Rose Gaasbeck Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
20 Roberta Gealt Ctr for Drug & Alcohol Studie
20 Stephen Grasson Student Health Services
20 Vicki Grypa Biological Sciences
20 Fatima Haq Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
20 Lana Harrison Sociology
20 Frances Haskins Psychological & Brain Sciences
20 Edith Havens Psychological & Brain Sciences
20 Chuck Howard Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
20 Marianne Johnson Engr Acad Affairs
20 James Kaden Ice Arena
20 John Kosinski Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
20 Francis Kwansa Hotel,Restaurant Management
20 Ellen Lepine Employee Educ and Training
20 Susan Maguire Library
20 Denise Methven Ofc Educational Technology
20 John Montano History
20 Franklin Newton Col Earth Ocean & Environment
20 David Nicolson Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 Belinda Orzada Fashion & Apparel Studies
20 Elizabeth Pemberton School of Education
20 Sheldon Pollack B&E Accounting & MIS
20 Trudy Riley Research Office
20 Breck Robinson School Public Pol/Administratn
20 Harry Shenton Civil & Environmental Engineer
20 James Sherman Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
20 Tamara Smith Music
20 Geoffrey Squier Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
20 Linda Staib Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 Stephanie Steenkamer Investment Accounting
20 Deborah Steinberger Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
20 Gary Sterling Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
20 Michael Tate IT-University Media Services
20 David Teague Assoc in Arts Prog
20 Lian-Ping Wang Mechanical Engineering
20 Polly Weir Office of Conferences
20 Deborah Williams Admissions Office
20 Richard Wool Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
20 Dawn Yasik Research Office
25 Ann Ardis Arts & Sciences
25 Deborah Auger School Public Pol/Administratn
25 Mohsen Badiey Col Earth Ocean & Environment
25 Steven Bertsche DE Geological Survey
25 Janice Bibik Behavioral Health & Nutrition
25 Trina Biederman Dining Services
25 Diana Brinkley Payroll
25 Jeffrey Brown Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 Joann Browning Arts & Sciences
25 William Browning Theatre
25 Biliana Cicin-Sain School of Marine Sci & Policy
25 Amy Connell General Accounting
25 Sonia Covington PCS-Academic Programs
25 Donna Cudworth Career Services Center
25 Zoubeida Dagher School of Education
25 Lu Ann DeCunzo Anthropology
25 Melanie Dement Music
25 Timothy Detwiler B&E Finance
25 Joel Dickerson Facilities-Maint&Op CNT Utl Pl
25 Richard Duggan Arts & Sciences
25 William Fendt Environmental Health & Safety
25 R Ferguson Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
25 Patricia Fogg Labor Relations
25 Brenda Foraker Ofc Internatl Stu & Scholars
25 Michael Freidly Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
25 Jo Gielow English Language Institute
25 George Hadjipanayis Physics & Astronomy
25 Terry Hamilton Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
25 Ward Harris Agriculture Research/Education
25 John Hartsky Public Safety
25 Crystal Hayes Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
25 John Hayman Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
25 Debbie Hendrickson Campus Delivery
25 Teresa Holton Physics & Astronomy
25 Andrew Homsey Institute for Public Admin
25 Angela Hoseth History
25 Ikramul Huq School of Marine Sci & Policy
25 Debra Jeffers IT - Academic Technology Svs
25 James Jianniney Facilities-Grounds Services
25 Victor Kaliakin Civil & Environmental Engineer
25 Mary Kernan Business Administration
25 Frank Kerr Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 Maureen Koeller Library
25 Chung Leung Physics & Astronomy
25 Errol Lloyd Computer & Info Sciences
25 Linda Magner Art History
25 America Martinez Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
25 Raelene Maser Medical Laboratory Sciences
25 Scott Mason Student Centers
25 Patrick McDermott Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
25 Marcia Miller Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
25 Nancy Nelson Library
25 Karen Nickle Public Safety
25 Joanne Nigg Sociology
25 Jane Noble-Harvey Biological Sciences
25 Richard Noonan Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 Linda Olsen Univ Development
25 John Osoinach Small Business Development Ctr
25 Cindy Panchisin Research Office
25 Ali Poorani Hotel,Restaurant Management
25 Diane Pugh Theatre
25 Alvina Quintana Women and Gender Studies
25 Chandra Reedy School Public Pol/Administratn
25 Leslie Reidel Theatre
25 Lidia Rejto Appl Economics & Statistics
25 Thomas Rocek Anthropology
25 Richard Romanelli IT-Network & Systems Services
25 Romain Roy Mechanical Engineering
25 Carol Schmidt Library
25 Michelle Schwinger Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 Brenda Sclavos School of Nursing
25 David Shearer History
25 Beverly Smith Parking Services
25 Eileen Smitheimer Theatre
25 Lynn Snyder-Mackler Physical Therapy
25 Lisa Sweder Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
25 Anthony Vaccarini Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
25 Kenneth Wassmer Facilities-Maint & Op Director
25 Teclemariam Weldekidan Plant & Soil Science
25 Julie Wilgen Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
25 Grant Wolf English Language Institute
25 Tracy Wootten Agriculture Research/Education
25 Kimberly Yackoski Agriculture and Natural Resour
25 Xiao-Hai Yan School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Deborah Allen Biological Sciences
30 Alan Andres DE Geological Survey
30 Carmine Balascio Plant & Soil Science
30 Charles Boncelet Electrical and Computer Engrg
30 Linda Boyd School Public Pol/Administratn
30 Tracey Bryant Ofc Communications & Public Affairs
30 Juliet Dee Communication
30 Patrick Dennis Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
30 Paul Fahringer University Printing
30 Ralph Ferretti School of Education
30 Deborah Fields Payroll
30 Ronald Gouge Agriculture-Newark Farm
30 Susan Groh Chemistry & Biochemistry
30 Robert Hampel School of Education
30 Patrick Harsha Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Joyce Henderson Career Services Center
30 Dallas Hoover Animal and Food Sciences
30 Sherry Kitto Plant & Soil Science
30 Palaniappa Krishnan Appl Economics & Statistics
30 Christine Kydd Business Administration
30 Lawrence Larraga IT-Client Support & Services
30 Abraham Lenhoff Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
30 John Mackenzie Appl Economics & Statistics
30 Joseph Matterer English Language Institute
30 William Meyer Political Sci & Int Relations
30 Kathleen Murphy Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
30 Doreen Neifert Dining Services
30 Deborah Nickerson-Booth Library
30 Christopher Penna English
30 Flora Poindexter Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
30 Craig Prettyman IT-Client Support & Services
30 Georgia Pyrros Mathematical Sciences
30 Martin Quirk Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Lisa Raker IT - Web Development
30 Carroll Reynolds Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Roof/M
30 Michael Rosenberg Assoc in Arts Prog
30 B Saunders Computer & Info Sciences
30 Alfina Seelig Library
30 Marie Senff Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
30 Anthony Seraphin Mathematical Sciences
30 Paul Sestak Hotel,Restaurant Management
30 Yvonne Simpson Public Safety
30 Daniel Slaten University Printing
30 Richard Stevens Mathematical Sciences
30 Timothy Targett School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Nancy Targett Col Earth Ocean & Environment
30 Richard Taylor Plant & Soil Science
30 Susan Tompkins Research Office
30 Robert Wardell IT-Network & Systems Services
30 Gary Waters Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Beverly Wieland IT-Client Support & Services
35 Brian Ackerman Psychological & Brain Sciences
35 Paul Amer Computer & Info Sciences
35 David Ames Ctr for Hist Arch & Design
35 John Baynes Transportation Services
35 Ella Boyd Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
35 Susan Brynteson Library
35 Suzanne Cherrin Women and Gender Studies
35 Larry Cogburn Animal and Food Sciences
35 Victor Costa Facilities-Real Estate
35 Jay Custer Anthropology
35 Bettyann Daley Mathematical Sciences
35 James Flynn School Public Pol/Administratn
35 Stephen Fols IT-Management Information Serv
35 Mark Golden Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
35 Gail Grinnage Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
35 Cynthia Guerrazzi IT-Client Support & Services
35 James Holloway Student Financial Services
35 Diane Kukich Health Sciences Deans Office
35 Linda LaRue IT-University Media Services
35 Glen Loller IT-Network & Systems Services
35 Gloria McDowell Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
35 Harvey Price Music
35 Marilyn Prime Student Centers
35 Virginia Redmond IT-Client Support & Services
35 Elizabeth Reigle Biological Sciences
35 Robert Simons Psychological & Brain Sciences
35 Charles Skelley Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
35 Donald Sparks Plant & Soil Science
35 William Taylor Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
35 Danilo Yanich School Public Pol/Administratn
40 Burton Abrams Economics
40 Margaret Andersen Sociology
40 Shirley Becker Student Centers
40 Shirley Coen IT-Network & Systems Services
40 Teresa Della-Volpe Biological Sciences
40 David Frey Plant & Soil Science
40 Roberta Golinkoff School of Education
40 Margrit Hadden PCS-Marketing
40 Sharon Harris Ofc Communications & Public Affairs
40 James Hoffman Psychological & Brain Sciences
40 Chin-Pao Huang Civil & Environmental Engineer
40 Jonathan Jeffery Library
40 Vera Kaminski Art
40 Marsha Lockard University Finance
40 Bonnie Meszaros Economics
40 Nancy Proctor Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
40 Peter Roe Anthropology
40 Henry Shipman Physics & Astronomy
40 David Smith Biological Sciences
40 Barbara Stephens Agriculture Research/Education
45 Thomas Angell Mathematical Sciences
45 Tsu-Wei Chou Mechanical Engineering
45 Nancy Hall Assoc in Arts Prog
45 Geraldine Hobbs Research Office
45 Patsy Howaniec Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
45 John Hurt History
45 Edgar Johnson Business Administration
45 Jerome Lewis Institute for Public Admin
45 George Miller English
45 Frank Murray School of Education
50 John Burmeister Chemistry & Biochemistry
Recent Retirees June 2014 to May 2015

First Name Last Name Department
David Adkins IT-Management Information Services
Bonnie Albertson Delaware Center for Teacher Education
Thomas Amos Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Dorothy Amsler IT - Web Development
Gail Armstrong Communications & Public Affairs
Martha Bailey Residence Life and Housing
Charles Baird College of Earth Ocean & Environment
Joyce Barker Student Health Services
John Baynes Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
John Baynes Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Steven Beard Engineering
Jacqueline Bijansky College of Earth Ocean & Environment
Mary Lou Bishop Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Jan Blits School of Education
Lou Borsos IT - Network and System Services
Sharlene Brady Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
William Brock Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Dwight Brokenbrough Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Carol Brower Agriculture and Natural Resources
Denise Burket Library
William Byam College of Earth Ocean & Environment
Anne Camasso Agriculture Research/Education
Lillie Carn Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
John Case Computer & Information Sciences
Alison Chandler Human Develpment & Family Studies
Vicki Cherry Computer & Information Sciences
Thomas Church School of Marine Science & Policy
Dawn Conaway Associate in Arts Program-Georgetown
Anna Conkey Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Margaret (Peggy) Conlon School of Marine Science & Policy
Eleanor Craig Economics
Shelia Cushing School of Nursing
Susan David Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Travis Davis Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Dorothy Desiderio Residence Life and Housing
Ana Dittel School of Marine Science & Policy
Patricia Drake School of Nursing
Mary Dunford Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Connie Edwards School of Marine Science & Policy
Erten Eser Energy Conversion
Mahlon Fegley Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Joanne Fitzpatrick School of Education
Dennis Flockerzi IT-Network & Systems Services
Frederick Getze Library
Roberta Gibson Center for Applied Demography & Survey
Susan Goodman English
Linda Gottfredson School of Education
David Gregg Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Sharon Harris Office of Communications & Public Affairs
Kevin Hart Energy Conversion
Audrey Helfman School Public Policy/Administration
Florine Henderson Admissions
Arlene Hitchens Business and Economics - Finance
Alan Horowitz Associate in Arts Program
Joseph Howell Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Mattie Hubbard Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
John Hurt History
Carroll Izard Psychological & Brain Sciences
Edward Jenkot Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
David Johnson Physics & Astronomy
Edgar Johnson Business Administration
Janine Johnston History
Gloria Jordan Library
Mary Jo Kallal Fashion & Apparel Studies
Bernard Kaplan English
Linda Keen Sociology
Billy Keen Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Gilda Kelsey English
John Kmetz Business Administration
Vincent LaRiccia Applied Economics and Statistics
Jonathan Lewis Center for Counseling and Student Development
Emerson Loller Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Mark Mankin Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Carole Marks Sociology
Gary May History
Larry McGuire Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Joan McMahon PCS-Professional & Noncredit Programs
Sherry Mench Academic Enrichment Center
Rexell Miller Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Barbara Morris English Language Institute
Cheryl Morris Internal Auditing
Suzanne Nanis IT - Web Development
James O'Neill Economics
Diane Parke Foreign Languages & Literatures
Linda Pellecchia Art History
Charles Pelletier Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Denise Perkins Dining Services
Joyce Perry Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Dawn Petterson Public Safety
Kim Philipp Library
Susan Phipps Computer & Information Sciences
Stuart Pittel Physics and Astronomy
Francis Poole Library
John Preble Business Administration
Cathie Ramone Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
Edward Rapp Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Thomas Reed Physics & Astronomy
Lidia Rejto Applied Economics & Statistics
Bonnie Robb Foreign Languages and Literatures
Harris Ross English
Feliciano (Paul) Salindong IT - Management Information Services
Yda Schreuder Geography
Alfina Seelig Library
Calvin Sellers Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Paige Seppanen Public Safety
Jonathan Sharp School of Marine Science & Policy
Leslie Skeen Psychological & Brain Sciences
Linda Smallbrook American Philosophical Association
David Smith Biological Sciences
Karen Smith Public Safety
Susan Strasser History
Douglass Taber Chemistry & Biochemistry
H. Don Tilmon Food and Resource Economics
David Townsend Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Douglass Tuttle School Public Policy/Administration
Denise Tuttle Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Ronald Vukelich School of Education
Audrey Walker Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Young-Doo Wang Center for Energy & Environmental Policy
Gary Waters Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Peter Weil Anthropology
Gary Wellmaker Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Erlinda Wheeler School of Nursing
Claude White Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Raymond Wolters History
Richard Zipser Foreign Languages and Literatures

I just had my 5 year (10, 15, etc.) anniversary. Do I get to choose a Service Award gift right away?
No, the Service Award gifts are awarded once a year.  You will choose your gift in the spring.

Does my time as a student or miscellaneous wage employee count?
No, since work as a student or miscellaneous wage employee is not considered benefits-eligible employment.

I took a sabbatical leave last year. How does this affect my Service Awards eligibility?
Sabbaticals are a recognized part of faculty positions. Employees on sabbatical leave are considered as on-going employees of the University and their benefits-eligible status is maintained. Therefore, sabbatical leave is not considered a break in service for the purpose of the Service Awards.

I am a part-time employee hired 10 (15, 20, etc.) years ago. Am I eligible to receive a 10-year (15, 20, etc.) Service Award, or is my time prorated?
The Service Awards are designed to recognize total length of time as a benefits-eligible University of Delaware employee, regardless of full-time equivalency. Total amount of time in a benefits-eligible position should be calculated the same: based on actual years, whether part-time, full-time, or a combination during your years of service.

I joined the University fifteen years ago, but took a one-year leave of absence. Am I still eligible for my 15 year award this spring?

Unpaid leaves of absence do not count towards Service Awards.