Shown below are examples of the four kinds of charts that can be created once you have downloaded the Multi-State Charts Data Display Tool©. After downloading the Excel file that contains the Tool on your computer, open it with Excel. You will probably have to click near the top of the screen to Allow Options and/or Enable Content. To simply illustrate how the tool works, just click on each of the following buttons: CHART, TOP, BOTTOM, AROUND. After each chart is created, click on the HOME tab to return to the main page. To create your own charts follow the numbered instructions on the HOME page tab.    

To see a list of all of the data series that can be displayed, click here.

Data for more than 1000 series for all 50 states and D.C are accessible through the Charts and Maps that can be viewed by clicking on the MULTI-STATE CHARTS link on the left. The data are drawn from categories such as those listed below. A searchable list of the data series in all the categories can be found by clicking on the MULTI-STATE CHARTS link to the left.