Alex D'Angelo


Current assignment:
EDUC 391-082
Homo sapiens sapiens

Years as a Writing Fellow: One

Major: Biology

Class of: 2012

Activities: Undergraduate research, Academic Competition Club, (hospital) volunteering

Awards: Dean’s List (all semesters), Delaware Sängerbund German 106 Award

Personal statement: I am currently a junior biology major from small town Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – the town of Manheim to be exact. So yes I have seen Amish people...they are everywhere. I am constantly working towards medical school, in hopes of becoming a surgeon. I take school very seriously and should probably try to have a little more fun sometimes. As far as writing goes, I like grammar…a lot, and wish it was taught to a far greater degree than currently in practice. However, to alleviate any fear, I will not grammatically destroy your draft…for I am no expert. I disdain writing “creatively”, such as short stories and general fiction, but surprisingly enjoy writing poetry and more analytic prose.